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aim /eɪm/USA pronunciation v. 
  1. to point (a firearm, ball, etc.) so that the thing discharged or thrown will hit a target: [~ + object]The police officer aimed the pistol and fired.[no object]He turned, aimed, and fired all in one motion.[~ + at + object]She aimed at the target.[~ + object + at + object]She aimed a kick at him.
  2. [~ + object + at + object] to direct toward a particular goal:The lawyer aimed his remarks at the jury.
  3. to strive; try: [~ + at + verb-ing]We aim at pleasing everyone.[~ + to + verb]We aim to please.
  4. [+ to + verb] to intend: She aims to go tomorrow.

  • [uncountable] the act of directing anything at or toward a target:How good is your aim?
  • [uncountable] the direction in which a weapon or missile is pointed:His aim was a little off.
  • [uncountable] the point to be hit: to miss one's aim.
  • [countable] purpose; intention:It is my aim to reform the program.
  • idiom
    1. Idioms take aim (at), [take + ~ ( + at + object)] to point a weapon or one's efforts at:took aim at the target; took aim at reforming the bureaucrats.

    aim•er,n. [countable]

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    aim /eɪm/ vb
    1. to point (a weapon, missile, etc) or direct (a blow) at a particular person or object; level
    2. (transitive) to direct (satire, criticism, etc) at a person, object, etc
    3. (intr; followed by at or an infinitive) to propose or intend
    4. (intr; often followed by at or for) to direct one's efforts or strive (towards)
    1. the action of directing something at an object
    2. the direction in which something is pointed; line of sighting (esp in the phrase to take aim)
    3. the object at which something is aimed; target
    4. intention; purpose
    Etymology: 14th Century: via Old French aesmer from Latin aestimāre to estimate

    AIM abbreviation for
    1. (in Britain) Alternative Investment Market

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