all right


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ˌall ˈright, adv. 
  • yes;
    very well:All right, you can go.
  • (used in a question) do you agree?: We'll meet tomorrow, all right?
  • satisfactorily; acceptably: Her work is coming along all right.
  • without fail;
    certainly: You'll hear about this, all right!

  • adj. [be + ~]
  • safe;
    uninjured:Are you sure you're all right?
  • acceptable;
    passable:His performance was barely all right.
  • Informal Termsreliable; good:That fellow is really all right.

  • Collins Concise English Dictionary © HarperCollins Publishers::

    all right adj (postpositive except in slang use)
    1. adequate; satisfactory
    2. unharmed; safe
    3. all-rightUS slang acceptable
    sentence substitute
    1. very well: used to express assent
    1. satisfactorily; adequately: the car goes all right
    2. without doubt

    Also: alright USAGE

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