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al•le•mande  (alə mand′, -mänd′, al′ə mand, -mänd; Fr. alənd), 
n., pl. -mandes 
    (-mandz′, -mändz′, -mandz, -mändz; Fr. -mänd). 
  1. Music and Dancea 17th- and 18th-century dance in slow duple time.
  2. Music and Dancea piece of music based on its rhythm, often following the prelude in the classical suite.
  3. Music and Dancea figure performed in a quadrille.
  4. Music and Dancea German folk dance in triple meter, similar to the ländler.
  • French, short for danse allemande German dance
  • 1675–85

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allemande /ˈælɪmænd; French: almɑ̃d/ n
  1. the first movement of the classical suite, composed in a moderate tempo in a time signature of four-four
  2. any of several German dances
  3. a figure in country dancing or square dancing by means of which couples change position in the set
Etymology: 17th Century: from French danse allemande German dance

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