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al•low•ance /əˈlaʊəns/USA pronunciation n. [countable]
  1. an amount or share set aside for a purpose: a dietary allowance of 900 calories a day.
  2. a sum of money set aside for a particular purpose: an allowance of $200 for travel.
  3. a sum of money given on a regular basis:Each child got a weekly allowance.
    make allowance(s) for, [+ object]
    • to overlook the existence or nature of:We have to make allowances for her faults.
    • to allow for, as by reserving time, money, etc., for:We have to make allowances for the traffic.

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allowance /əˈlaʊəns/ n
  1. an amount of something, esp money or food, given or allotted usually at regular intervals
  2. a discount, as in consideration for something given in part exchange or to increase business; rebate
  3. (in Britain) an amount of a person's income that is not subject to a particular tax and is therefore deducted before his or her liability to taxation is assessed
  4. a portion set aside to compensate for something or to cover special expenses
  5. admission; concession
  6. the act of allowing; sanction; toleration
  7. make allowances, make allowance ⇒ (usually followed by for) to take mitigating circumstances into account in consideration (of)
  8. to allow (for)

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