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an•a•cru•sis  (an′ə kro̅o̅sis),USA pronunciation n., pl.  -cru•ses 
    (-kro̅o̅sēz).USA pronunciation 
  1. Poetry[Pros.]an unstressed syllable or syllable group that begins a line of verse but is not counted as part of the first foot.
  2. Music and Dancethe note or notes preceding a downbeat; upbeat.
an•a•crus•tic  (an′ə krustik),USA pronunciation adj.  an′a•crusti•cal•ly, adv. 
  • Greek anákrousis, equivalent. to anakroú(ein) to strike up, push back (ana- ana- + kroúein to strike, push) + -sis -sis
  • Latin
  • 1825–35

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anacrusis /ˌænəˈkruːsɪs/ n ( pl -ses / -siːz/)
  1. one or more unstressed syllables at the beginning of a line of verse
  2. an unstressed note or group of notes immediately preceding the strong first beat of the first bar
Etymology: 19th Century: from Greek anakrousis prelude, from anakrouein to strike up, from ana- + krouein to strike


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