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a•part /əˈpɑrt/USA pronunciation   adv. 
  1. into pieces or parts;
    to pieces: to take a watch apart.
  2. separated or away from in place, time, motion, or point of view:cities thousands of miles apart.
  3. to or at one side, with respect to place, purpose, or function:kept apart from the group.
  4. separately or individually in consideration: to think about each factor apart from the others.
  5. so as to distinguish one from another: I can't tell the sisters apart.
  6. aside:[after a noun]Joking apart, what do you think?

  1. separated and not living or being together:[be + ~ (+ from)]hated being apart from each other.
  2. having unique characteristics:[after a noun]He's in a class apart.
  1. Idioms apart from,
    • aside from;
      except for:had no money, apart from some loose change.

a•part•ness, n. [uncountable]See -par-.

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a•part  (ə pärt),USA pronunciation adv. 
  1. into pieces or parts;
    to pieces:to take a watch apart; an old barn falling apart from decay.
  2. separately in place, time, motion, etc.:New York and Tokyo are thousands of miles apart. Our birthdays are three days apart.
  3. to or at one side, with respect to place, purpose, or function:to put money apart for education; to keep apart from the group out of pride.
  4. separately or individually in consideration:each factor viewed apart from the others.
  5. aside (used with a gerund or noun):Joking apart, what do you think?
  6. apart from, aside from;
    in addition to;
    besides:Apart from other considerations, time is a factor.
  7. take apart: 
    • to disassemble:to take a clock apart.
    • [Informal.]to criticize;
      attack:She was taken apart for her controversial stand.
    • to subject to intense examination:He will take your feeble excuses apart.

  1. having independent or unique qualities, features, or characteristics (usually used following the noun it modifies):a class apart.
a•partness, n. 
  • Old French a part to one side. See a-5, part
  • Middle English 1350–1400

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apart /əˈpɑːt/ adj , adv (postpositive)
  1. to pieces or in pieces: he had the television apart on the floor
  2. placed or kept separately or to one side for a particular purpose, reason, etc; aside (esp in the phrases set or put apart)
  3. separate in time, place, or position; at a distance: he stood apart from the group, two points three feet apart
  4. not being taken into account; aside: these difficulties apart, the project ran smoothly
  5. individual; distinct; separate: a race apart
  6. separately or independently in use, thought, or function: considered apart, his reasoning was faulty
  7. apart from ⇒ (preposition) besides; other than

See also take apart, tell apartEtymology: 14th Century: from Old French a part at (the) side

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