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ape /eɪp/USA pronunciation n., v., aped, ap•ing.
n. [countable] Mammalsa manlike animal similar to monkeys, with long arms, a broad chest, and no tail. an imitator;
Informal Termsa large, clumsy person.
v. [~ + object] to imitate;
mimic:tried to ape the mannerisms of the hostess.
    Idioms go ape, Slang. to become violently emotional or angry:My parents will go ape if I stay out that late. Idioms go ape over, [+ object] to be extremely enthusiastic about:goes ape over rock stars.


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ape /eɪp/ n
  1. any of various primates, esp those of the family Pongidae, in which the tail is very short or absent
    See anthropoid ape
  2. (not in technical use) any monkey
  3. an imitator; mimic
  1. (transitive) to imitate
Etymology: Old English apa; related to Old Saxon ape, Old Norse api, Old High German affo

ˈapeˌlike adj

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