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a•pos•ta•sy /əˈpɑstəsi/USA pronunciation   n. [uncountablecountable], pl.-sies. 
  1. abandonment of one's religious faith or of something that one was once loyal to, as a political party.

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a•pos•ta•sy  (ə postə sē),USA pronunciation n., pl.  -sies. 
  1. a total desertion of or departure from one's religion, principles, party, cause, etc.
  • Greek: a standing away, withdrawing, equivalent. to apóstas(is) (apo- apo- + sta- stand + -sis -sis) + -ia -ia
  • Late Latin apostasia
  • Anglo-French)
  • Middle English apostasye ( 1350–1400

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apostasy /əˈpɒstəsɪ/ n ( pl -sies)
  1. abandonment of one's religious faith, party, a cause, etc
Etymology: 14th Century: from Church Latin apostasia, from Greek apostasis desertion, from apostanai to stand apart from, desert

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