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a•prax•i•a  (ə praksē ə, ā prak-),USA pronunciation n. [Pathol.]
  1. Pathologya disorder of the nervous system, characterized by an inability to perform purposeful movements, but not accompanied by a loss of sensory function or paralysis.
a•prac•tic  (ə praktik, ā prak-),USA pronunciation  a•praxic, adj. 
  • Neo-Latin; see a-6, praxis, -ia
  • 1885–90;

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apraxia /əˈpræksɪə/ n
  1. a disorder of the central nervous system caused by brain damage and characterized by impaired ability to carry out purposeful muscular movements
Etymology: 19th Century: via New Latin from Greek: inactivity, from a-1 + praxis action

aˈpraxic, aˈpractic adj


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