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ask /æsk, ɑsk/USA pronunciation v. 
  1. to put a question (to);
    inquire (of): [no object]I asked but I never got an answer.[+ object]I asked her but she didn't answer.[+ object + clause]I asked him if they were going home.
  2. to request information about: [+ object]He was ashamed to ask the question.[+ after + object]He asked after you.
  3. [+ object] to put into words so as to gain information, attention, etc.; utter:You have to ask the right questions.
  4. to request (of): [+ for + object]I asked for a little more time.[+ object]I have to ask a favor of you.[+ object + object]Could I ask you a favor?[+ to + verb]I asked to leave early.[+ object + to + verb]I asked her to leave early, but she wanted to stay.
  5. [+ object] (of a price)
    • to demand; expect: What price are they asking?
    • to set a price of: to ask $40 for the hat.
  6. [+ object + to + object] to invite:to ask guests to dinner.
  7. [+ for + object] to request to speak to (someone):Your sister called and asked for you.
  1. Idiomsask for it or ask for trouble, to invite problems by continuing with risky or annoying behavior:He's really asking for it, coming in late.

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ask /ɑːsk/ vb
  1. (often followed by about) to put a question (to); request an answer (from): she asked (him) about God
  2. (transitive) to inquire about: she asked him the time of the train, she asked the way
  3. (transitive) to direct or put (a question)
  4. (may take a clause as object or an infinitive) often followed by for: to make a request or demand: she asked (him) for information, they asked for a deposit
  5. (transitive) to demand or expect (esp in the phrases ask a lot of, ask too much of)
  6. Also: ask out, ask over (transitive) to request (a person) politely to come or go to a place; invite: he asked her to the party
  1. a big ask, a tough askBrit Austral NZ informal a task which is difficult to fulfil
Etymology: Old English āscian; related to Old Frisian āskia, Old Saxon ēscon, Old High German eiscōn

ˈasker n

Ask /ɑːsk/ n
  1. the first man, created by the gods from an ash tree

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