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as•sizes /əˈsaɪzəz/USA pronunciation   n. [plural]
  1. Law(in England) trial sessions held regularly by a high court.

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as•size  (ə sīz),USA pronunciation n. 
  1. LawUsually,  assizes. a trial session, civil or criminal, held periodically in specific locations in England, usually by a judge of a superior court.
  2. Lawan edict, ordinance, or enactment made at a session of a legislative assembly.
  3. Lawan inquest before members of a jury or assessors;
    a judicial inquiry.
  4. Lawan action, writ, or verdict of an assize.
  5. judgment:the last assize; the great assize.
  6. Lawmakinga statute for the regulation and control of weights and measures or prices of general commodities in the market.
  • Latin sēssum (sed- stem of sedēre to sit + -tus past participle suffix)
  • Old French: a sitting, noun, nominal use of feminine of asis seated at (past participle of aseeir), equivalent. to a- a-5 + -sis
  • Middle English asise 1250–1300

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assizes /əˈsaɪzɪz/ pl n
  1. (formerly in England and Wales) the sessions, usually held four times a year, of the principal court in each county, exercising civil and criminal jurisdiction, attended by itinerant judges: replaced in 1971 by crown courts

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