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au•da•cious /ɔˈdeɪʃəs/USA pronunciation   adj. 
  1. extremely bold or daring:an audacious plan to row a boat across the Atlantic.
  2. extremely impolite;
    impudent:audacious behavior that would be punished.
au•da•cious•ly, adv. 
au•da•cious•ness, n. [uncountable]

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au•da•cious  (ô dāshəs),USA pronunciation adj. 
  1. extremely bold or daring;
    recklessly brave;
    fearless:an audacious explorer.
  2. extremely original;
    without restriction to prior ideas;
    highly inventive:an audacious vision of the city's bright future.
  3. recklessly bold in defiance of convention, propriety, law, or the like;
  4. lively;
    uninhibited:an audacious interpretation of her role.
au•dacious•ly, adv. 
au•dacious•ness, n. 
  • audaci(ty) + -ous 1540–50
    • 1.See corresponding entry in Unabridged . courageous, intrepid, dauntless, venturesome.
    • 3.See corresponding entry in Unabridged . unabashed, shameless;
      impertinent, forward.
    • 1.See corresponding entry in Unabridged . cowardly.

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audacious /ɔːˈdeɪʃəs/ adj
  1. recklessly bold or daring; fearless
  2. impudent or presumptuous
Etymology: 16th Century: from Latin audāx bold, from audēre to dare

auˈdaciousness, audacity /ɔːˈdæsɪtɪ/ n

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