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bal•le•ri•na /ˌbæləˈrinə/USA pronunciation   n.[countable]pl.  -nas. 
  1. Music and Dancea female ballet dancer.

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bal•le•ri•na  (bal′ə rēnə),USA pronunciation n. 
  1. Music and Dancea principal female dancer in a ballet company. Cf.  prima ballerina. 
  2. Music and Danceany female ballet dancer.
  3. Clothinga woman's very low-heeled or heelless shoe or slipper, made to resemble a ballet slipper. Cf.  ballet slipper. 
  • Old French; see -ery) + -ino -ine1
  • Late Latin; see ball2) + -eria
  • Italian, feminine of ballerino professional dancer, probably equivalent to baller(ia) dance (ball(are) to dance (
  • 1785–95

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ballerina /ˌbæləˈriːnə/ n
  1. a female ballet dancer
Etymology: 18th Century: from Italian, feminine of ballerino dancing master, from ballare to dance, from Late Latin ballāre: see ball²

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