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ba•teau  (ba tō; Fr. ba),USA pronunciation n., pl.  -teaux 
    (-tōz; Fr. -tō).USA pronunciation 
  1. Dialect Terms, Naval TermsAlso,  batteau. [Naut.]
    • , Nautical, British Terms, Dialect Terms[Chiefly Canadian and Southern U.S.]a small, flat-bottomed rowboat used on rivers.
    • Nauticala half-decked, sloop-rigged boat used for fishing on Chesapeake Bay;
    • Nautical(in some regions) a scow.
  2. Civil Engineering, Naval Termsa pontoon of a floating bridge.
  • Latin -ellus; see -elle
  • Old English bāt boat) + -el diminutive suffix
  • French; Old French batel, equivalent. to bat (
  • 1705–15, American.

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bateau /bæˈtəʊ; French: bato/ n ( pl -teaux / -təʊz French: -to/)
  1. a light flat-bottomed boat used on rivers in Canada and the northern US
Etymology: 18th Century: from French: boat, from Old French batel, from Old English bāt; see boat

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