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Plural form: baths

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bath1 /bæθ/USA pronunciation   n. [countable], pl.baths /bæðz, bɑðz, bæθs, bɑθs/USA pronunciation  .
  1. a washingof something, esp. the body, for cleansing or medical treatment:a warm bath to relax your aching muscles.
  2. a container for water or other cleansing liquid, as a bathtub.
  3. bathroom.
  4. Often, baths. [plural] a swimming pool.
  5. Usually, baths. [plural] a resort visited for medical treatment by bathing;
  6. Chemistrya preparation, as an acid solution, into which something is dipped.
  1. Idioms, Informal Termstake a bath, Informal. to suffer a large financial loss:When interest rates suddenly went up, we took a bath on most of our deals.

    bath is a noun, bathe is a verb:The baby needed a bath. He bathed the baby in warm water.

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bath1  (bath, bäth),USA pronunciation n., pl.  baths (baᵺz, bäᵺz, baths, bäths),USA pronunciation  v. 

  1. a washing or immersion of something, esp. the body, in water, steam, etc., as for cleansing or medical treatment:I take a bath every day. Give the dog a bath.
  2. a quantity of water or other liquid used for this purpose:running a bath.
  3. a container for water or other cleansing liquid, as a bathtub.
  4. a room equipped for bathing;
    bathroom:The house has two baths.
  5. a building containing rooms or apartments with equipment for bathing;
  6. Often,  baths. one of the elaborate bathing establishments of the ancients:the baths of Caracalla.
  7. Usually,  baths. a town or resort visited for medical treatment by bathing or the like;
  8. Chemistrya preparation, as an acid solution, in which something is immersed.
  9. Chemistrythe container for such a preparation.
  10. Chemistrya device for controlling the temperature of something by the use of a surrounding medium, as sand, water, oil, etc.
  11. Metallurgy
    • the depressed hearth of a steelmaking furnace.
    • the molten metal being made into steel in a steelmaking furnace.
  12. the state of being covered by a liquid, as perspiration:in a bath of sweat.
  13. take a bath, [Informal.]to suffer a large financial loss:Many investors are taking a bath on their bond investments.

v.t., v.i. 
  1. to wash or soak in a bath.
bathless, adj. 
  • Gmc *bátha-n what is warmed, akin to Old High German bājan (German bähen), Swedish basa to warm; pre-Gmc *bheH- to warm, past participle *bhH-to-
  • bef. 900; Middle English; Old English bæth; cognate with Old Frisian beth, Old Saxon, Old Norse bath, German Bad;

bath2  (bath),USA pronunciation n. 
  1. Weights and Measures, Judaisma Hebrew unit of liquid measure, equal to a quantity varying between 10 and 11 U.S. gallons (38 and 42 liters).
  • Hebrew

Bath  (bath, bäth),USA pronunciation n. 
  1. Place Namesa city in Avon, in SW England: mineral springs. 84,300.
  2. Place Namesa seaport in SW Maine. 10,246.

Ba‘th  (bääth),USA pronunciation n. 
  1. Baath.

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Ba•ath  (bääth),USA pronunciation n. 
  1. Governmenta socialist party of some Arab countries, esp. Iraq and Syria. Also,  Ba‘ath,  Ba‘th. 
Baath•ism, n. 
Baath•ist, n., adj. 
  • Arabic ba‘ath literally, renaissance

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bath /bɑːθ/ n ( pl baths /bɑːðz/)
  1. a large container, esp one made of enamelled iron or plastic, used for washing or medically treating the body
  2. the act or an instance of washing in such a container
  3. the amount of liquid contained in a bath
  4. (usually plural) a place that provides baths or a swimming pool for public use
  5. a vessel in which something is immersed to maintain it at a constant temperature, to process it photographically, electrolytically, etc, or to lubricate it
  6. the liquid used in such a vessel
  1. Brit to wash in a bath
Etymology: Old English bæth; compare Old High German bad, Old Norse bath; related to Swedish basa to clean with warm water, Old High German bāen to warm

Bath /bɑːθ/ n
  1. a city in SW England, in Bath and North East Somerset unitary authority, Somerset, on the River Avon: famous for its hot springs; a fashionable spa in the 18th century; Roman remains, notably the baths; university (1966). Pop: 90 144 (2001)
    Latin name: Aquae Sulis /ˈækwiːˈsuːlɪs/

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