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bawl /bɔl/USA pronunciation   v. 
  1. to cry or wail loudly and strongly:[no object]The baby was bawling all night.
  2. to cry out: [no object]She bawled down the hallway at me.[+ object]The drunk was bawling this song all night.[+ out + object]The captain bawled out the orders.[used with quotations]There was an old woman bawling, "Repent, ye sinners!''
  3. bawl out, Informal. to scold vigorously: [+ object + out] :The dean bawled the students out for cheating.[+ out + object]The dean bawled out the students who had been caught cheating.

n. [countable]
  1. a loud shout or outcry:I heard a loud bawl and then silence.

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bawl  (bôl),USA pronunciation v.i. 
  1. to cry or wail lustily.

  1. to utter or proclaim by outcry;
    shout out:to bawl one's dissatisfaction; bawling his senseless ditties to the audience.
  2. to offer for sale by shouting, as a hawker:a peddler bawling his wares.
  3. bawl out, [Informal.]to scold vociferously;
    reprimand or scold vigorously:Your father will bawl you out when he sees this mess.

  1. a loud shout;
  2. a period or spell of loud crying or weeping.
  3. Dialect Terms[Chiefly Midland and Western U.S.]the noise made by a calf.
bawler, n. 
  • Gmc; compare Old Norse baula to low, baula cow, perh. a conflation of belja (see bell2) with an old root *bhu-
  • Medieval Latin baulāre to bark
  • late Middle English 1400–50
    • 1.See corresponding entry in Unabridged howl, yowl, squall, roar, bellow.

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bawl /bɔːl/ vb
  1. (intransitive) to utter long loud cries, as from pain or frustration; wail
  2. to shout loudly, as in anger
  1. a loud shout or cry
Etymology: 15th Century: probably from Icelandic baula to low; related to Medieval Latin baulāre to bark, Swedish böla to low; all of imitative origin

ˈbawler n ˈbawling n

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