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bean•bag  (bēnbag′),USA pronunciation n. 
  1. Gamesa small cloth bag filled with dried beans, as for tossing in various children's games.
  2. Gamesany such game.
  3. any similar bag used as a cushion or support, as the base for an ashtray, etc.
  4. FurnitureAlso called  beanbag chair′. a large, soft, frameless chair resembling a beanbag, typically a clothlike plastic shell, filled with plastic chips, that molds itself readily to the contours of the occupant.
  • bean + bag 1870–75

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beanbag /ˈbiːnˌbæɡ/ n
  1. a small cloth bag filled with dried beans and thrown in games
  2. Also called: sag bag a very large cushion loosely filled with foam rubber or polystyrene granules so that it moulds into a comfortable shape: used as an informal low seat

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