strong: [bɪˈkəz], weak: [bɪˈkɒz]

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be•cause /bɪˈkɔz, -ˈkʌz/USA pronunciation   conj. 
  1. for the reason that;
    due to the fact that:always late because it took so long to get dressed.

  1. Idiomsbecause of, for the reason of;
    on account of;
    due to:The train was late because of the bad weather.
    Use because before the reason or cause for something when there are two clauses you are joining;
    use because of when a noun phrase, not a clause, describes the reason for something.

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be•cause  (bi kôz, -koz, -kuz),USA pronunciation conj. 
  1. for the reason that;
    due to the fact that:The boy was absent because he was ill.
  2. Idiomsbecause of, by reason of;
    due to:Schools were closed because of heavy snowfall.
  • Middle English bi cause by cause 1275–1325
    • 1.See corresponding entry in Unabridged Because, as, since, for, inasmuch as agree in implying a reason for an occurrence or action.
      Because introduces a direct reason:I was sleeping because I was tired.As and
      since are so casual as to imply merely circumstances attendant on the main statement:As(or since) I was tired, I was sleeping. The reason, proof, or justification introduced by
      for is like an afterthought or a parenthetical statement:I was sleeping, for I was tired.Inasmuch as implies concession;
      the main statement is true in view of the circumstances introduced by this conjunction:Inasmuch as I was tired, it seemed best to sleep.
    1. See  reason. 

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because /bɪˈkɒz -ˈkəz/ conj
  1. (subordinating) on account of the fact that; on account of being; since: because it's so cold we'll go home
  2. because of ⇒ (preposition) on account of: I lost my job because of her
Etymology: 14th Century bi cause, from bi by + cause

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