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beck1 /bɛk/USA pronunciation   n. [uncountable] Idioms
    1. Idiomsat someone's beck and call, ready and willing to do what someone wishes:was always at the boss's beck and call.

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beck1  (bek),USA pronunciation  n. 
  1. a gesture used to signal, summon, or direct someone.
  2. Idiomsat someone's beck and call, ready to do someone's bidding;
    subject to someone's slightest wish:He has three servants at his beck and call.
  3. Scottish Terms[Chiefly Scot.]a bow or curtsy of greeting.

v.t., v.i. 
  1. [Archaic.]beckon.
  • Middle English becken, short variant of becnen to beckon 1325–75

beck2  (bek),USA pronunciation n. [North Eng.]
  • British Termsa brook, esp. a swiftly running stream with steep banks.
    • Indo-European *bhog-lā
    • Scandinavian; compare Old Norse bekkr; akin to Old English bece, Dutch beek, German Bach brook, Middle Irish bual flowing water
    • Middle English becc 1250–1300

    beck3  (bek),USA pronunciation v.t. [Metalworking.]
  • Metallurgyto form (a billet or the like) into a tire or hoop by rolling or hammering on a mandrel or anvil.
    • verb, verbal use of beck (noun, nominal), shortening of beck-iron, variant of bick-iron

    Beck  (bek),USA pronunciation n. 
  • BiographicalDave, born 1894, U.S. labor leader: president of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters 1952–57.

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    beck /bɛk/ n
    1. a nod, wave, or other gesture or signal
    2. at someone's beck and callready to obey someone's orders instantly; subject to someone's slightest whim
    Etymology: 14th Century: short for becnen to beckon
    beck /bɛk/ n
    1. (in N England) a stream, esp a swiftly flowing one
    Etymology: Old English becc, from Old Norse bekkr; related to Old English bece, Old Saxon beki, Old High German bah brook, Sanskrit bhanga wave

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