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beck•et  (bekit),USA pronunciation  n. [Naut.]
  1. Nautical, Naval Termsa short length of rope for securing spars, coils of rope, etc., having an eye at one end and a thick knot or a toggle at the other, which is passed through the eye.
  2. Nautical, Naval Termsa grommet of rope, as one used as a handle or oarlock.
  3. Nautical, Naval Termsa grommet or eye on a block to which the standing end of a fall can be secured.
  4. Nautical, Naval Termsa wooden cleat or hook secured to the shrouds of a sailing vessel to hold tacks and sheets not in use.
  • origin, originally uncertain 1760–70

Beck•et  (bekit),USA pronunciation n. 
  • BiographicalSaint Thomas à, 1118?–70, archbishop of Canterbury: murdered because of his opposition to Henry II's policies toward the church.

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