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bed occupancy rate

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bed /bɛd/ n
  1. a piece of furniture on which to sleep
  2. the mattress and bedclothes on such a piece of furniture: an unmade bed
  3. sleep or rest: time for bed
  4. any place in which a person or animal sleeps or rests
  5. a unit of potential occupancy in a hospital or residential institution
  6. informal sexual intercourse
  7. a plot of ground in which plants are grown, esp when considered together with the plants in it
  8. the bottom of a river, lake, or sea
  9. a part of this used for cultivation of a plant or animal: oyster beds
  10. a layer of crushed rock, gravel, etc, used as a foundation for a road, railway, etc
  11. any underlying structure or part
  12. a layer of rock, esp sedimentary rock
  13. go to bed ⇒ (often followed by with) to have sexual intercourse (with)
  14. (of a newspaper, magazine, etc) to go to press; start printing
  15. in bed withinformal cooperating closely with (another person, organization, government, etc.) esp covertly
  16. put to bedto finalize work on (a newspaper, magazine, etc) so that it is ready to go to press
  17. take to one's bedto remain in bed, esp because of illness
vb (beds, bedding, bedded)
  1. (usually followed by down) to go to or put into a place to sleep or rest
  2. (transitive) to have sexual intercourse with
  3. (transitive) to place, fix, or sink firmly into position; embed
  4. to form or be arranged in a distinct layer; stratify
  5. (transitive) often followed by out: to plant in a bed of soil
Etymology: Old English bedd; related to Old Norse bethr, Old High German betti, Gothic badi

BEd abbreviation for
  1. Bachelor of Education

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