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be•ing /ˈbiɪŋ/USA pronunciation   n. 
  1. the fact of existing;
    existence:[uncountable]brought this council into being to find new solutions.
  2. conscious, living existence;
    life:[uncountable]How did we come into being?
  3. a living thing;
    creature:[countable]Are there intelligent beings on other planets?
  4. [countable] a human being;

  1. Slang Terms[Chiefly Dialect.]since;
    considering:[+ how/that]Being that we don't really know you, how can we vote for you?

  1. (used in a phrase to explain something about the rest of the sentence):I was scared and feeling pretty anxious, this being my first time in a new country.

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be•ing  (bēing),USA pronunciation n. 
  1. the fact of existing;
    existence (as opposed to nonexistence).
  2. conscious, mortal existence;
    life:Our being is as an instantaneous flash of light in the midst of eternal night.
  3. substance or nature:of such a being as to arouse fear.
  4. something that exists:inanimate beings.
  5. a living thing:strange, exotic beings that live in the depths of the sea.
  6. a human being;
    person:the most beautiful being you could imagine.
  7. (cap.) God.
  8. Philosophy
    • that which has actuality either materially or in idea.
    • absolute existence in a complete or perfect state, lacking no essential characteristic;

  1. Slang Terms[Nonstandard.]since;
    considering that (often fol. by as, as how, or that):Being it's midnight, let's go home. Being as how you cooked supper, I'll do the dishes.
  • 1250–1300; Middle English; see be, -ing1

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being /ˈbiːɪŋ/ n
  1. the state or fact of existing; existence
  2. essential nature; self
  3. something that exists or is thought to exist, esp something that cannot be assigned to any category: a being from outer space
  4. a person; human being

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