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be•tween /bɪˈtwin/USA pronunciation prep. 
  1. in the space separating:We traveled between New York and Chicago by railroad.
  2. intermediate to in time, quantity, or degree: I'll meet you sometime between twelve and one o'clock.
  3. linking; connecting;
    to and from:The ship sails between Stockholm andCopenhagen.
  4. in equal portions for each of: The couple split the profits between them.
  5. among: a treaty between five countries.
  6. See Usage Note below.
  7. by (means of) the common participation of: Between us, we can finish the job.
  8. in the choice or contrast of:the difference between good and bad.
  9. by the combined effect of:They were both married before, so they have seven children between them.
  10. existing as a secret with: We'll keep this between ourselves (= This will be a secret with you and me). Between you and me, I think he's a fool.
  11. involving; concerning: war between nations.
  12. in the way of;
    blocking:Something came between us, and we didn't care for each other anymore.

  • in the intervening space or time: two windows with a door between.
  • idiom
    1. few and far between, rare;
      infrequent:The visits became few and far between as we grew apart.
    2. Idioms in between, in an intermediate position :Our house is in between a playground and an alley.

    be•tween•ness,n. [uncountable]a feeling of betweenness, of not being completely here in America or there in Hong Kong.
    By strict or traditional usage rules, among expresses relationship when more than two are involved, and between is used for only two: to decide among coffee, tea, juice, or milk;
    to decide between tea and coffee.
    between, however, continues to be used to express relationship of persons or things considered individually, no matter how many: Between holding public office, teaching, and raising a family, she has little free time. And between is always used to express location or position in the middle of any number of things that are limits or boundaries around the point: This city is located at a point between New York, Chicago, and Pittsburgh. Although not usually accepted as good usage, between you and I is heard occasionally in the speech of educated persons. By the strict rules of grammar, any and all pronouns that are the object of a preposition must be in the objective case: between you and me;
    between her and them

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    between /bɪˈtwiːn/ prep
    1. at a point or in a region intermediate to two other points in space, times, degrees, etc
    2. in combination; together: between them, they saved enough money to buy a car
    3. confined or restricted to: between you and me
    4. indicating a reciprocal relation or comparison
    5. indicating two or more alternatives
    Also: in between
    1. between one specified thing and another
    Etymology: Old English betwēonum; related to Gothic tweihnai two together; see two, twain
    After distribute and words with a similar meaning, among should be used rather than between: this enterprise issued shares which were distributed among its workers

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