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bib /bɪb/USA pronunciation   n. [countable]
  1. Clothinga shield of cloth tied under the chin to protect the clothing.
  2. Clothingthe front part of an apron or the like above the waist.

Bib.,  an abbreviation of:
  1. Bible.
  2. biblical.

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bib  (bib),USA pronunciation n., v.,  bibbed, bib•bing. 
  1. Clothinga piece of cloth, plastic, or paper that covers the chest and is often tied under the chin of a child to protect the clothing while the child is eating.
  2. Clothingany similar cloth or part of a garment.
  3. Clothingthe front part of an apron, overalls, or similar protective garment above the waist.
  4. Sport[Fencing.]a piece of canvas attached to the base of the mask, for protecting the throat.
  5. Buildingbibcock.
  6. British Terms, Idiomsput or  stick one's bib in, [Australian Informal.]to interfere.

v.t., v.i. 
  1. [Archaic.]to tipple;
bibless, adj. 
biblike′, adj. 
  • Latin bibere
  • Middle English bibben to drink 1275–1325

  1. BibleBible.
  2. BibleBiblical.

  • Drugs(in prescriptions) drink.
    • Latin bibe

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    bib•cock  (bibkok′),USA pronunciation n. [Plumbing.]
    1. Buildinga faucet having a nozzle bent downward.
    Also,  bib, bibb. 
    • bib + cock1 1790–1800

    Collins Concise English Dictionary © HarperCollins Publishers::

    bib /bɪb/ n
    1. a piece of cloth or plastic worn, esp by babies, to protect their clothes while eating
    2. the upper part of some aprons, dungarees, etc, that covers the upper front part of the body

    3. Also called: pout, whiting pout a light-brown European marine gadoid food fish, Gadus (or Trisopterus) luscus, with a barbel on its lower jaw
    4. stick one's bib inAustral informal to interfere
    vb (bibs, bibbing, bibbed)
    1. archaic to drink (something); tipple
    Etymology: 14th Century bibben to drink, probably from Latin bibere

    bibcock /ˈbɪbˌkɒk/, bib n
    1. a tap having a nozzle bent downwards and supplied from a horizontal pipe

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