'bikini', 'Bikini': [bɪˈkiːni]

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bi•ki•ni /bɪˈkini/USA pronunciation   n.[countable]pl.  -nis. 
  1. Clothinga very small two-piece bathing suit for women or a one-piece bathing suit for men.
  2. ClothingOften, bikinis. [plural] underpants fitted low on the hip.

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bi•ki•ni  (bi kēnē),USA pronunciation n., pl.  -nis. 
  1. Clothinga very brief, close-fitting, two-piece bathing suit for women or girls.
  2. Clothinga very brief, close-fitting pair of bathing trunks for men or boys.
  3. ClothingOften,  bikinis. underwear briefs that are fitted low on the hip or below it.
  • French, apparently named after Bikini
  • 1945–50

Bi•ki•ni  (bi kēnē),USA pronunciation n. 
  1. Place Namesan atoll in the N Pacific, in the Marshall Islands: atomic bomb tests 1946. 3 sq. mi. (8 sq. km).

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bikini /bɪˈkiːnɪ/ n ( pl -nis)
  1. a woman's very brief two-piece swimming costume
Etymology: 20th Century: after Bikini atoll, from a comparison between the devastating effect of the atomic-bomb test and the effect caused by women wearing bikinis

Bikini /bɪˈkiːnɪ/ n
  1. an atoll in the N Pacific; one of the Marshall Islands: site of a US atomic-bomb test in 1946

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