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bil•la•bong  (bilə bông′, -bong′),USA pronunciation n. [Australian.]
  1. British Termsa branch of a river flowing away from the main stream but leading to no other body of water;
    a blind or dead-end channel.
  2. British Termsa creek bed holding water only in the rainy season;
    a dried-up watercourse.
  3. British Termsa stagnant backwater or slough formed by receding floodwater.
  • Wiradjuri bilabaŋ creek that runs only during the rainy season, equivalent. to bila river + baŋ poss. suffix
  • 1830–40

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billabong /ˈbɪləˌbɒŋ/ n Austral
  1. a backwater channel that forms a lagoon or pool
  2. a branch of a river running to a dead end
Etymology: 19th Century: from a native Australian language, from billa river + bong dead


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