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blas•tu•la  (blaschə lə),USA pronunciation n., pl.  -las, -lae (-lē′).USA pronunciation [Embryol.]
  1. Developmental Biologythe early developmental stage of an animal, following the morula stage and consisting of a single, spherical layer of cells enclosing a hollow, central cavity. Cf. blastocyst.
blastu•lar, adj. 
blas•tu•la•tion  (blas′chə lāshən),USA pronunciation n. 
  • Greek blast(ós) bud, sprout + Neo-Latin -ula -ule
  • Neo-Latin
  • 1885–90;

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blastula /ˈblæstjʊlə/ n ( pl -las, -lae / -liː/)
  1. an early form of an animal embryo that develops from a morula, consisting of a sphere of cells with a central cavity
    Also called: blastosphere
Etymology: 19th Century: New Latin; see blasto-

ˈblastular adj

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