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bludge  (bluj),USA pronunciation v.,  bludged, bludg•ing, n. [Australian.]
  1. British Termsto shirk.
  2. British Termsto impose on (someone).

  1. British Termsan easy task.
bludger, n. 
  • 1915–20; false analysis of bludgeon (verb, verbal) gives phrase bludge on to impose on; back formation from bludgeon (noun, nominal) gives bludge (verb, verbal) to use a bludgeon, whence bludger bully, esp. a harlot's bully, pimp, hence shirker, whence bludge (verb, verbal) to shirk

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bludger /ˈblʌdʒə/ n Austral NZ informal
  1. a person who scrounges
  2. a person who avoids work
  3. a person in authority regarded as ineffectual by those working under him

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