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brim1 /brɪm/USA pronunciation   n., v.,  brimmed, brim•ming. 
n. [countable]
  1. the upper edge of anything hollow, such as a glass, cup, or bowl.
  2. an edge that sticks out: the brim of a hat.

  1. to be full to the brim or to the top edge:[+ (over + ) with + object]Her eyes brimmed (over) with tears when I told her we were moving.
  1. to the brim, to the top:Fill the cup to the brim, but don't let it spill.

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brim1  (brim),USA pronunciation n., v.,  brimmed, brim•ming. 
  1. the upper edge of anything hollow;
    brink: the brim of a cup.
  2. a projecting edge: the brim of a hat.
  3. margin.

  1. to be full to the brim.

  1. to fill to the brim.
brimless, adj. 
brimming•ly, adv. 
  • 1175–1225; Middle English brimme brink, rim (earlier, shore, bank); apparently akin to Middle High German brem, (German Bräme), Old Norse barmr rim, edge
    • 1.See corresponding entry in Unabridged . See  rim. 

brim2  (brim),USA pronunciation n., pl. (esp. collectively ) brim, (esp. for kinds or species) brims. 
  • Dialect Terms[Southern U.S.]bream1 (def. 4).

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    brim /brɪm/ n
    1. the upper rim of a vessel: the brim of a cup
    2. a projecting rim or edge: the brim of a hat
    3. the brink or edge of something
    vb (brims, brimming, brimmed)
    1. to fill or be full to the brim: eyes brimming with tears
    Etymology: 13th Century: from Middle High German brem, probably from Old Norse barmr; see berm

    ˈbrimless adj

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