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bro•cade /broʊˈkeɪd/USA pronunciation   n. [uncountable]
  1. Textilesa heavy fabric woven with an elaborate raised design.

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bro•cade  (brō kād),USA pronunciation n., v.,  -cad•ed, -cad•ing. 
  1. Textilesfabric woven with an elaborate design, esp. one having a raised overall pattern.

  1. Textilesto weave with a raised design or figure.
  • Late Latin; see broach
  • Italian broccato embossed (fabric), past participle of broccare, derivative of brocco twisted thread, shoot
  • Spanish
  • earlier brocado 1555–65

Collins Concise English Dictionary © HarperCollins Publishers::

brocade /brəʊˈkeɪd/ n
  1. a rich fabric woven with a raised design, often using gold or silver threads
  1. (transitive) to weave with such a design
Etymology: 17th Century: from Spanish brocado, from Italian broccato embossed fabric, from brocco spike, from Latin brochus projecting; see broach1

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