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bug1 /bʌg/USA pronunciation n., v., bugged, bug•ging.

n. [countable]
  • InsectsAlso calledtrue bug.an insect having sucking mouthparts and thickened, leathery wings in front.
  • Insects(loosely) any insect.
  • Informal TermsInformal. a disease, or the microorganism causing the disease:I've got the flu bug.
  • Informal Terms, Computinga defect, error, or imperfection, as in computer software:Work out the bugs in that program.
  • [usually singular][Informal.]
    • a short-lived interest in or enthusiasm for something:He's got the sports-car bug.
    • someone very enthusiastic about a certain subject; fan:Someone who is interested in photography is called a camera bug or a shutter bug.
  • Informal Termsa hidden microphone or other device used to hear or record information, etc.:planted the bug in his suspect's room.

  • v. 
  • Informal Terms[+ object] to install a secret listening device in or on:The phone was bugged.
  • Informal Terms[+ object][Informal.]to annoy or pester:Quit bugging me!
  • [no object] (of the eyes) to bulge:His eyes bugged out of his head.
  • Slang Terms bug off, [no object] Slang. to leave or depart (often used as a command):"Come here often?'' he asked from the next barstool. "Bug off!'' she answered.
  • idiom
    1. Idiomsput a bug in someone's ear, to give someone a subtle suggestion:put a bug in his ear to start counting up everyone's vacation days.

    Collins Concise English Dictionary © HarperCollins Publishers::

    bug /bʌɡ/ n
    1. any insect of the order Hemiptera, esp any of the suborder Heteroptera, having piercing and sucking mouthparts specialized as a beak (rostrum)
    2. chiefly US Canadian any insect, such as the June bug or the Croton bug
    3. informal a microorganism, esp a bacterium, that produces disease
    4. a disease, esp a stomach infection, caused by a microorganism
    5. informal an obsessive idea, hobby, etc; craze (esp in the phrases get the bug, be bitten by the bug, the bug bites, etc)
    6. informal a person having such a craze; enthusiast
    7. (often plural) informal an error or fault, as in a machine or system, esp in a computer or computer program
    8. informal a concealed microphone used for recording conversations, as in spying
    vb (bugs, bugging, bugged) informal
    1. (transitive) to irritate; bother
    2. (transitive) to conceal a microphone in (a room, etc)
    3. (intransitive) US (of eyes) to protrude
    Etymology: 16th Century: of uncertain origin; perhaps related to Old English budda beetle

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