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bull /bʊl/ n
  1. any male bovine animal, esp one that is sexually mature
  2. the male of various other animals including the elephant and whale
  3. a very large, strong, or aggressive person
  4. a speculator who buys in anticipation of rising prices in order to make a profit on resale
  5. (as modifier): a bull market
    Compare bear1
  6. chiefly Brit
    short for bull's-eye, bull's-eye
  7. slang
    short for bullshit
  8. a bull in a china shopa clumsy person
  9. take the bull by the hornsto face and tackle a difficulty without shirking
  1. male; masculine: a bull elephant
  2. large; strong
Etymology: Old English bula, from Old Norse boli; related to Middle Low German bulle, Middle Dutch bolle
bull /bʊl/ n
  1. a ludicrously self-contradictory or inconsistent statement
Etymology: 17th Century: of uncertain origin
bull /bʊl/ n
  1. a formal document issued by the pope, written in antiquated characters and often sealed with a leaden bulla
Etymology: 13th Century: from Medieval Latin bulla seal attached to a bull, from Latin: round object

Bull /bʊl/ n
  1. the Bullthe constellation Taurus, the second sign of the zodiac
Bull /bʊl/ n
  1. John. 1563–1628, English composer and organist
  2. See John Bull

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