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bum•ble1 /ˈbʌmbəl/USA pronunciation  v. [no object]-bled, -bling.
    to do a poor job;
    to stumble awkwardly or clumsily:He bumbled into the room.
bum•bler,n. [countable]

bum•ble2 /ˈbʌmbəl/USA pronunciation  v. [no object]-bled, -bling.
    to make a buzzing, humming sound, as a bee.

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bumble /ˈbʌmbəl/ vb
  1. to speak or do in a clumsy, muddled, or inefficient way
  2. (intransitive) to proceed unsteadily; stumble
Etymology: 16th Century: perhaps a blend of bungle + stumble

ˈbumbler n ˈbumbling n , adj

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