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bushed /bʊʃt/USA pronunciation   adj. [usually: be + ~]
  1. Informal TermsInformal. exhausted;
    tired out:completely bushed after that walk.

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bushed  (bŏŏsht),USA pronunciation adj. 
  1. overgrown with bushes.
  2. [Informal.]exhausted;
    tired out:After all that exercise, I'm bushed.
  3. Canada, British Termsmentally unbalanced as a result of prolonged residence in a sparsely inhabited region.
  4. British Terms[Australian and New Zealand Slang.]unable to find one's direction;
  • bush1 + -ed2, -ed3 1485–95

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bushed /bʊʃt/ adj informal
  1. (postpositive) extremely tired; exhausted
  2. Canadian mentally disturbed from living in isolation, esp in the north
  3. Austral NZ lost or bewildered, as in the bush


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