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but•ton /ˈbʌtən/USA pronunciation   n. 
  1. Clothinga small disk or similar hard object attached to clothing and serving as a fastener when passed through a hole or loop:He couldn't fasten the top button near his collar.
  2. a badge or emblem with a name or slogan, for wearing on a jacket, etc.:campaign buttons.
  3. a small knob or disk pressed to start a machine, open a door, etc.:He pushed the button and the elevator door closed.

  1. to fasten or attach with or as if with a button or buttons: [+ object (+ up)]Button your coat (up).[~ (+ up) + object]Button (up) your coat.
  2. [no object] to be capable of being buttoned: This coat buttonsin the front.
  1. Informal Terms, Idiomsbutton up, [no object]
    • Also,  button (up) one's lip. to keep silent, as to keep a secret:Better button up until the deal goes through.
  2. Idioms, Informal Terms(right) on the button, exactly at the desired time, goal, etc.:She came at ten o'clock, right on the button.

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but•ton  (butn),USA pronunciation n. 
  1. Clothinga small disk, knob, or the like for sewing or otherwise attaching to an article, as of clothing, serving as a fastening when passed through a buttonhole or loop.
  2. anything resembling a button, esp. in being small and round, as any of various candies, ornaments, tags, identification badges, reflectors, markers, etc.
  3. a badge or emblem bearing a name, slogan, identifying figure, etc., for wear on the lapel, dress, etc.:campaign buttons.
  4. any small knob or disk pressed to activate an electric circuit, release a spring, or otherwise operate or open a machine, small door, toy, etc.
  5. Botanya bud or other protuberant part of a plant.
  6. Fungi[Mycol.]
    • a young or undeveloped mushroom.
    • any protuberant part of a fungus.
  7. Zoologyany of various small parts or structures resembling a button, as the rattle at the tip of the tail in a very young rattlesnake.
  8. Informal Terms, Sport[Boxing. Informal.]the point of the chin.
  9. BuildingAlso called  turn button. a fastener for a door, window, etc., having two arms and rotating on a pivot that is attached to the frame.
  10. Metallurgy(in assaying) a small globule or lump of metal at the bottom of a crucible after fusion.
  11. Sport[Fencing.]the protective, blunting knob fixed to the point of a foil.
  12. Time[Horol.]crown (def. 19).
  13. Computing(in a graphical user interface) any of the small, labeled, button-shaped areas upon which the user can click, as with a mouse, to choose an option.
  14. Informal Terms, Idiomshave all one's buttons, to be mentally competent, alert, and sane;
    have all one's wits:At 106 she still has all her buttons.
  15. Informal Termson the button, exactly as desired, expected, specified, etc.:The prediction for snow was right on the button.

  1. to fasten with a button or buttons:She quickly buttoned her coat.
  2. to insert (a button) in a buttonhole or loop:He buttoned the top button of his shirt.
  3. to provide (something) with a button or buttons.

  1. to be capable of being buttoned:This coat buttons, but that one zips.
  2. Informal Termsbutton up: 
    • Also,  button one's lip. to become or keep silent.
    • to fasten securely;
      close up:Within a short time, everything on the submarine was buttoned up.
    • to fasten fully or put on, esp. an outer garment:Button up before going out.
    • to complete successfully;
      finish:The report is all buttoned up.
button•er, n. 
button•like′, adj. 
  • Anglo-French: rosehip, button, stud; Middle French boton, equivalent. to boter to butt3 + -on noun, nominal suffix
  • Middle English boto(u)n 1275–1325

But•ton  (butn),USA pronunciation n.  Richard Tot•ten  (totn),USA pronunciation (Dick), born 1929, U.S. figure skater.
button, +n. 
  • Computing(in a graphical user interface) any of the small, labeled, button-shaped areas upon which the user can click, as with a mouse, to choose an option.

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    button /ˈbʌtən/ n
    1. a disc or knob of plastic, wood, etc, attached to a garment, etc, usually for fastening two surfaces together by passing it through a buttonhole or loop
    2. a small round object, such as any of various sweets, decorations, or badges
    3. a small disc that completes an electric circuit when pushed, as one that operates a doorbell or machine
    4. any rounded knoblike part or organ, such as an unripe mushroom
    5. the protective knob fixed to the point of a foil
    6. Brit an object of no value (esp in the phrase not worth a button)
    1. to fasten with a button or buttons
    2. (transitive) to provide with buttons
    3. (transitive) to hit (an opponent) with the button of one's foil

    See also button upEtymology: 14th Century: from Old French boton, from boter to thrust, butt, of Germanic origin; see butt³

    ˈbuttoner n ˈbuttonless adj ˈbuttony adj

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