For the noun: cactus
Plural form: cactuses, cacti

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cac•tus /ˈkæktəs/USA pronunciation   n.[countable]pl.  -ti (-tī), -tus•es, -tus. 
  1. Plant Biologya flowering plant of hot, dry regions, with large, rounded, leafless stems usually with spines.

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cac•tus  (kaktəs),USA pronunciation n., pl.  -ti (-tī),USA pronunciation  -tus•es, -tus. 
  1. Plant Biologyany of numerous succulent plants of the family Cactaceae, of warm, arid regions of the New World, having fleshy, leafless, usually spiny stems, and typically having solitary, showy flowers.
cactus•like′, cactoid, adj. 
  • Greek káktos cardoon
  • Latin
  • 1600–10

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cactus /ˈkæktəs/ n ( pl -tuses, -ti / -taɪ/)
  1. any spiny succulent plant of the family Cactaceae of the arid regions of America. Cactuses have swollen tough stems, leaves reduced to spines or scales, and often large brightly coloured flowers
  2. cactus dahliaa double-flowered variety of dahlia
Etymology: 17th Century: from Latin: prickly plant, from Greek kaktos cardoon

cactaceous /kækˈteɪʃəs/ adj

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