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call /kɔl/USA pronunciation v. 
  1. to cry out in a loud voice;
    shout: [+ object]to call someone's name.[+ for + object]She called for someone to help her.[+ to + object]He called to his children out on the field.
  2. [+ object] to ask or invite to come; summon:Call a doctor, quick!
  3. to communicate or try to communicate with (someone) by telephone: [+ object]She called her boyfriend twice.[no object]I called, but no one was home.
  4. [+ object] to read over (a list) in a loud voice, as to see whether certain people are there:The instructor called the roll.
  5. [+ object] to announce (a meeting, etc.) and invite people to attend; convoke;
    convene: He called a meeting for next week.
  6. [+ object] to announce as an authority;
    proclaim: The union leader called a strike.
  7. [+ object] to direct or attract (attention):Let me call your attention to this painting.
  8. to name or address (someone) as (someone or something): [+ object + object]My friends call me Ray.[+ object + by + object]We always called James by his nickname, Jim.
  9. to designate or describe (someone or something) as (someone or something): [ + obj + noun]:She called me a liar.[ + obj + adjective]:I'd call it crazy.
  10. [+ object] to forecast or predict correctly:Last year an economist said a recession was already on the way; well, she called it perfectly.
  11. [+ object] (of a sports official)
    • to pronounce a judgment on (a shot, etc.):The batter was called out on strikes.
    • to put an end to (a contest) because of bad weather, etc.:The officials called the game because of darkness.
  12. to declare as a bet (the side of a coin that will turn up): [+ object]He called heads but it landed tails.[no object]Call while the coin is in the air.
  13. [+ object]
    • to demand payment or fulfillment of (a loan or debt):They called his debt of $100,000.
    • (in poker) to bet the same amount as (another bettor ):I called that fifty-cent bet.
  14. Animal Behavior[no object] (of a bird or animal) to utter its characteristic cry:We listened to the birds calling in the meadow.
  15. call back,
    • to request or demand to return; recall: [+ back + object]The automobile company called back those defective minivans.[+ object + back]They called the minivans back.
    • to return a telephone call or the telephone call of (someone): [no object]I'll call back in an hour.[+ object + back]I called the salesman back.
    call down,
    • to request or pray for: [+ down + object]called down the Lord's mercy on all sinners.[+ object + down]He called the Lord's mercy down on his people.
    • [+ object + down] to reprimand; scold:He was called down for his poor work.
    call for, [+ for + object]
    • to go or come to get;
      pick up;
      fetch:I'll call for you at seven o'clock.
    • to demand; request strongly;
      urge to happen:The students called for an end to tuition increases.
    • to require;
      need:This emergency calls for prompt action.
    call off,
    • to summon or take away: [+ off + object]Call off your dog![+ object + off]Call him off!
    • to cancel (something planned): [+ off + object]The teacher called off the test.[+ object + off]to call it off because of the snow.
    call on or upon, [+ on/upon + object]
    • to ask; appeal to:We call on your generosity.[+ on/upon + object + to + verb]We called upon the President to do something for them.
    • to visit for a short time:He wanted to call on his girlfriend.
    call out,
    • to speak in a loud voice; shout: [+ object + out]She called my name out and I stood up.[+ out + object]She called out my name.
    • [+ out + object] to summon into service or action: Call out the militia!
    call up,
    • to bring forward for consideration or action: [+ up + object]He called up the information from the computer.[+ object + up]Can you call the student's name up and see what his status is?
    • [+ up + object] to cause to remember; recall;
      evoke:The trip called up happy memories of my youth.
    • to make a telephone call to: [+ object + up]When I call you up, your line's busy.[+ up + object]Call up every John Smith until you find the right one.
    • to summon for action, esp. military service: [+ up + object]The Pentagon called up most of the National Guard units.[ + obj + up]:The Pentagon will call them up for duty.

  • [countable] a cry or shout:I heard a call for help.
  • Animal Behavior[countable] the typical sound or cry of a bird or other animal:the call of the blue jay.
  • [countable] an act or instance of telephoning:Give me a call when you're ready.
  • [countable] a short visit:Let's pay a call on our favorite aunt.
  • [countable] a signal made by a bugle, alarm, etc.:The firefighters responded to twenty calls during that snowstorm.
  • [countable] a summons, invitation, or bidding:The emergency squad went out on a call.
  • [uncountable] fascination or appeal: the call of the wild.
  • [uncountable] a need or occasion: no call for panic.
  • [countable] a demand or claim: a call on one's time.
  • Sport[countable] a judgment by an umpire or other official of a contest:a bad call by the referee.
  • idiom
    1. Idiomson call, readily available for summoning upon short notice:stayed at the hospital on call from 11 to 6.

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    call /kɔːl/ vb
    1. (often followed by out) to speak or utter (words, sounds, etc) loudly so as to attract attention: he called out her name
    2. (transitive) to ask or order to come: to call a policeman
    3. (intransitive) sometimes followed by on: to make a visit (to): she called on him
    4. (transitive) to summon to a specific office, profession, etc: he was called to the ministry
    5. (of animals or birds) to utter (a characteristic sound or cry)
    6. (transitive) to summon (a bird or animal) by imitating its cry
    7. (transitive) to name or style: they called the dog Rover
    8. (transitive) to designate: they called him a coward
    9. (transitive) to regard in a specific way: I call it a foolish waste of time
    10. (transitive) to attract (attention)
    11. (transitive) to read (a list, register, etc) aloud to check for omissions or absentees
    12. when tr, usually followed by for: to give an order (for): to call a strike
    13. (intransitive) to try to predict the result of tossing a coin
    14. (transitive) to awaken: I was called early this morning
    15. (transitive) to cause to assemble: to call a meeting
    16. (transitive) (of an umpire, referee, etc) to pass judgment upon (a shot, player, etc) with a call
    17. (transitive) Austral NZ to broadcast a commentary on (a horse race or other sporting event)
    18. (transitive) to demand repayment of (a loan, redeemable bond, security, etc)
    19. (transitive) Brit to award (a student at an Inn of Court) the degree of barrister (esp in the phrase call to the bar)
    20. (transitive) to demand that (a player) expose his hand, after equalling his bet
    21. (intransitive) to make a bid
    22. (in square-dancing) to call out (instructions) to the dancers
    23. to ask (a player) to say what kind of shot he will play or (of a player) to name his shot
    24. (intransitive) followed by for: to require: this problem calls for study
    25. to come or go (for) in order to fetch: I will call for my book later
    26. (intr; followed by on or upon) to make an appeal or request (to): they called upon him to reply
    27. (transitive) to predict the outcome of an event: we don't know yet if the plan has succeeded because it's too soon to call
    28. call into beingto create
    29. call to mindto remember or cause to be remembered
    1. a cry or shout
    2. the characteristic cry of a bird or animal
    3. a device, such as a whistle, intended to imitate the cry of a bird or animal
    4. a summons or invitation
    5. a summons or signal sounded on a horn, bugle, etc
    6. a short visit: the doctor made six calls this morning
    7. an inner urge to some task or profession; vocation
    8. allure or fascination, esp of a place: the call of the forest
    9. need, demand, or occasion: there is no call to shout, we don't get much call for stockings these days
    10. demand or claim (esp in the phrase the call of duty)
    11. a notice to actors informing them of times of rehearsals
    12. a conversation or a request for a connection by telephone
    13. a demand for repayment of a loan
    14. (as modifier): call money
    15. a demand for redeemable bonds or shares to be presented for repayment
    16. a demand for a hand or hands to be exposed
    17. a bid, or a player's turn to bid
    18. a decision or judgment
    19. Austral a broadcast commentary on a horse race or other sporting event

    20. Also called: call option an option to buy a stated amount of securities at a specified price during a specified period
    21. on call(of a loan, etc) repayable on demand
    22. available to be called for work outside normal working hours
    23. within callwithin range; accessible

    See also call down, call forth, call in, call off, call out, call upEtymology: Old English ceallian; related to Old Norse kalla, Old High German kallōn, Old Slavonic glasǔ voice

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