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cast a wide net

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cast /kɑːst/ vb (casts, casting, cast)(mainly tr)
  1. to throw or expel with violence or force
  2. to throw off or away: she cast her clothes to the ground
  3. to reject or dismiss: he cast the idea from his mind
  4. to shed or drop: the snake cast its skin, the horse cast a shoe, the ship cast anchor
  5. to cause to appear: to cast a shadow
  6. to express (doubts, suspicions, etc) or cause (them) to be felt
  7. to direct (a glance, attention, etc): cast your eye over this
  8. to place, esp in a violent manner: he was cast into prison
  9. (also intr) to throw (a line) into the water
  10. to draw or choose (lots)
  11. to give or deposit (a vote)
  12. to select (actors) to play parts in (a play, film, etc)
  13. to shape (molten metal, glass, etc) by pouring or pressing it into a mould
  14. to make (an object) by such a process
  15. (also intr) often followed by up: to compute (figures or a total)
  16. to draw on (a horoscope) details concerning the positions of the planets in the signs of the zodiac at a particular time for interpretation in terms of human characteristics, behaviour,
  17. to contrive (esp in the phrase cast a spell)
  18. to formulate: he cast his work in the form of a chart
  19. (also intr) to twist or cause to twist
  20. (intransitive) (of birds of prey) to eject from the crop and bill a pellet consisting of the indigestible parts of birds or animals previously eaten
  21. to stereotype or electrotype
  1. the act of casting or throwing

  2. Also called: casting something that is shed, dropped, or egested, such as the coil of earth left by an earthworm
  3. another name for pellet
  4. the distance an object is or may be thrown
  5. a throw at dice
  6. the resulting number shown
  7. the act or an instance of casting
  8. the wide sweep made by a sheepdog to get behind a flock of sheep or by a hunting dog in search of a scent
  9. the actors in a play collectively
  10. (as modifier): a cast list
  11. an object made of metal, glass, etc, that has been shaped in a molten state by being poured or pressed into a mould
  12. the mould used to shape such an object
  13. form or appearance
  14. sort, kind, or style
  15. a fixed twist or defect, esp in the eye
  16. a distortion of shape
  17. a rigid encircling casing, often made of plaster of Paris, for immobilizing broken bones while they heal
  18. a slight tinge or trace, as of colour
  19. fortune or a stroke of fate

See also cast about, castawayEtymology: 13th Century: from Old Norse kasta

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