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cat•a•ma•ran /ˌkætəməˈræn/USA pronunciation   n. [countable]
  1. Nautical, Naval Termsa sailboat with a frame set on two parallel hulls.

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cat•a•ma•ran  (kat′ə mə ran),USA pronunciation n. 
  1. Nautical, Naval Termsa vessel, usually propelled by sail, formed of two hulls or floats held side by side by a frame above them. Cf. trimaran.
  2. Nautical, Naval Termsa float or sailing raft formed of a number of logs lashed together, used in certain parts of India, South America, etc.
  3. Sex and Gendera quarrelsome person, esp. a woman.
  4. British Terms[Canadian Dial.]a wooden sled.
  • Tamil kaṭṭa-maram tied wood
  • 1690–1700

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catamaran /ˌkætəməˈræn/ n
  1. a sailing, or sometimes motored, vessel with twin hulls held parallel by a rigid framework
  2. a primitive raft made of logs lashed together
  3. old-fashioned a quarrelsome woman
Etymology: 17th Century: from Tamil kattumaram tied timber

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