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cat•e•go•ry /ˈkætɪˌgɔri/USA pronunciation   n.[countable]pl.  -ries. 
  1. any group or division in a system of classification:several categories of students: part-time, full-time, degree, and nondegree.

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cat•e•go•ry  (kati gôr′ē, -gōr′ē),USA pronunciation n., pl.  -ries. 
  1. any general or comprehensive division;
    a class.
  2. a classificatory division in any field of knowledge, as a phylum or any of its subdivisions in biology.
  3. Philosophy[Metaphys.]
    • (in Aristotelian philosophy) any of the fundamental modes of existence, such as substance, quality, and quantity, as determined by analysis of the different possible kinds of predication.
    • (in Kantian philosophy) any of the fundamental principles of the understanding, as the principle of causation.
    • any classification of terms that is ultimate and not susceptible to further analysis.
  4. Gamescategories. Also called  Guggenheim. (used with a sing. v.) a game in which a key word and a list of categories, as dogs, automobiles, or rivers, are selected, and in which each player writes down a word in each category that begins with each of the letters of the key word, the player writing down the most words within a time limit being declared the winner.
  5. Mathematicsa type of mathematical object, as a set, group, or metric space, together with a set of mappings from such an object to other objects of the same type.
  6. GrammarSee  part of speech. 
  • Greek katēgoría accusation (also, kind of predication), equivalent. to katé̄gor(os) accuser, affirmer (katēgor(eîn) to accuse, affirm, literally, speak publicly against, equivalent. to kata- cata- + -agoreîn to speak before the agora + -os noun, nominal suffix) + -ia -y3
  • Late Latin catēgoria
  • 1580–90
    • 1.See corresponding entry in Unabridged group, grouping, type.

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