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cha•peau  (sha pō; Fr. sha),USA pronunciation n., pl.  -peaux (-pōz; Fr. -pō),USA pronunciation  -peaus. 
  1. Clothinga hat.
  2. [Heraldry.]
    • a representation of a low-crowned hat with a turned-up brim, usually of a different tincture, used either as a charge or as part of a crest.
    • a cap depicted within a representation of a crown or coronet.
  • Late Latin cappellus hood, hat, equivalent. to capp(a) (see cap1) + -ellus diminutive suffix
  • French; Old French chapel wreath, hat
  • 1515–25

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chapeau /ˈʃæpəʊ; French: ʃapo/ n ( pl -peaux / -pəʊ -pəʊz French: -po/, -peaus)
  1. a hat
Etymology: 16th Century: from French, from Late Latin cappellus hood, from cappa cap

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