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chef-d'oeu•vre /ʃɛˈdʊvrə/USA pronunciation   n.[countable]pl.  chefs-d'oeu•vre 
    /ʃɛˈdʊvrə/.USA pronunciation  
  1. Foreign Termsa masterpiece.

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chef-d'oeu•vre  (Fr. she dœvrə),USA pronunciation n., pl.  chefs-d'oeu•vre 
    (she dœvrə).USA pronunciation 
  1. Foreign Termsa masterpiece, esp. in art, literature, or music.
  • French
  • 1610–20

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chef-d'oeuvre French: /ʃɛdœvrə/ n ( pl chefs-d'oeuvre /ʃɛdœvrə/)
  1. a masterpiece


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