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WordReference Random House Learner's Dictionary of American English © 2017
cheque /tʃɛk/USA pronunciation   n. 
  1. British Terms check (def. 13).

WordReference Random House Unabridged Dictionary of American English © 2017
cheque  (chek),USA pronunciation n. [Brit.]
  1. British Termscheck (def. 29).

WordReference Random House Learner's Dictionary of American English © 2017
check1 /tʃɛk/USA pronunciation   v. 
  1. to stop the motion of suddenly or with force;
    restrain:[+ object]The pilot checked his speed and landed quickly.
  2. to examine or test the correctness of, such as by comparison:[+ object]I checked the answers on the exam.
  3. to prove to be right:[no object]Well, everything checks; the butler committed the murder.
  4. to inspect or test the condition, safety, etc., of:[+ object]We had our mechanic check the car for any damage.
  5. to mark so as to indicate choice, completion, etc.: [+ object]Check the box next to the item you think is right.[+ off + object]I checked off the items on the shopping list.[+ object + off]I checked them off as I went down the list.
  6. to search through to find (something);
    make an inquiry (into): [+ object]You'll have to check the files for the letter.[+ into + object]You'll have to check into those missing files, too.
  7. [+ object] to leave (personal belongings) to be kept temporarily: Check your coats at the door.
  8. to leave (baggage) to be sent on, as at an airport:[+ object]We checked our suitcases and walked to the gate for our flight.
  9. Textiles[+ object] to mark with or in a pattern of squares: The fabric was checked.
  10. check in, [no object] to register or report one's arrival:Check in at the counter and pick up your boarding passes there.
  11. check (up) on, [( + up) + on + object] to investigate or inspect:wondered why they were checking (up) on him.
  12. check out,
    • [no object] to leave a hotel, etc., officially, esp. after settling one's account:Let's check out early and get on the road by 6:30.
    • [no object] to prove to be right or true:Well, his story checks out; there were witnesses who saw him.
    • to find out if something is right or true: [+ out + object]Check out his story with the people in the bar.[+ object + out]You'd better check him out again; I'm not sure he's innocent.
    • to prove to be in working condition or safe: [no object]This engine checks out; let's see if the problem occurs in the next one.[+ out + object]Check out boiler number 10 and see if there's an overload.[+ object + out]We'd better check it out.
    • to lend or borrow (an item) officially, as from a library: [+ out + object]You can check out six books at a time.[+ object + out]You can check six books out.
    • [no object][Informal.]to leave suddenly:He checked out of there fast.
    • Slang. to examine carefully: [+ out + object]Hey, check out this car.[+ object + out]I've got quality watches for sale; check them out.

  1. BusinessAlso, Brit., cheque. a written order directing a bank to pay money: [countable]He wrote her a check for fifty-five dollars.[uncountable;  by + ~]I'll pay for this by check.
  2. a slip showing an amount owed, esp. at a restaurant:[countable]The waitress wrote out our check.
  3. a ticket given for items left in a checkroom, to customers waiting to be served, etc.:[countable]I lost my claim check for the luggage.
  4. a mark, often indicated by (✓
    ), to indicate that something has been noted, etc.:[countable]I put a check next to the items that you need to revise.
  5. a search or examination:[countable]a quick check of the company records.
  6. a test or inspection, such as to find out quality or performance:[countable]The mechanic ran a check on the engine.
  7. a means of, or an act of, stopping or restraining:[countable]a check on his speed in the race.
  8. a pattern formed of squares:[countable]pants with checks.
  9. Chess, Games (in chess) the exposure of the king to direct attack:[uncountable]Your king is in check; you must move it or eliminate the attacker.

adj. [usually: before a noun]
  1. serving to stop, control, etc.:a check valve.
  2. ornamented with a checkered pattern;
    checkered:check pants.

  1. Chess, Games(used as a call in chess to warn that an opponent's king is in check).
  2. Informal Terms, Informal. all right! agreed!:"We'll be back for our cut, ok?'' "Check!''
  1. Idiomsin check, kept controlled;
    under restraint: to hold one's anger in check.

WordReference Random House Unabridged Dictionary of American English © 2017
check1  (chek),USA pronunciation v., n., pl.  checks  or, for 45, chex, adj., interj. 
  1. to stop or arrest the motion of suddenly or forcibly:He checked the horse at the edge of the cliff.
  2. to restrain;
    hold in restraint or control:They built a high wall to check the tides.
  3. to cause a reduction, as in rate or intensity;
    diminish:The new measures checked the rapidity with which the epidemic was spreading.
  4. to investigate or verify as to correctness:She checked the copy against the original.
  5. to make an inquiry into, search through, etc.:We checked the files, but the letter was missing.
  6. to inspect or test the performance, condition, safety, etc., of (something):Check a used car thoroughly before buying it.
  7. to mark (something) so as to indicate examination, correctness, preference, etc. (often fol. by off):Please check the correct answer. They checked off the names of people they wanted to invite.
  8. to leave in temporary custody:Check your umbrellas at the door.
  9. to accept for temporary custody:We accept responsibility for any article we check here.
  10. to send (baggage) on a passenger's ticket, usually on the same carrier used by the passenger, for pickup at the destination:We checked two trunks through to Portland.
  11. to accept (baggage) for conveyance, and to convey, under the privilege of a passenger's ticket:Check this trunk to Portland.
  12. to mark with or in a pattern of squares:to check fabric.
  13. [Agric.]to plant in checkrows.
  14. [Chess.]to place (an opponent's king) under direct attack.
  15. [Ice Hockey.]to obstruct or impede the movement or progress of (an opponent). Cf. back-check, fore-check.

  1. to prove to be right;
    correspond accurately:The reprint checks with the original, item for item.
  2. to make an inquiry, investigation, etc., as for verification (often fol. by up, into, etc.):He checked to make sure his answer was correct. Check into the matter.
  3. to make a sudden stop;
    pause:The horse checked before he jumped.
  4. [Chess.]to make a move that puts the opponent's king under direct attack.
  5. to crack or split, usually in small checks:Painted surfaces may check with age.
  6. [Poker.]to decline to initiate the betting in a betting round, usually to force another player to make the first bet rather than raise it.
  7. [Hunting.](of hounds) to stop, esp. because the line of scent has been lost.
  8. [Falconry.](of a hawk) to forsake the proper prey and follow baser game (fol. by at).
  9. check in, to register, as at a hotel;
    indicate one's arrival or presence at a place, function, etc., usually by signing an appropriate form:We checked in at the reception desk.
  10. check on or  up on, to investigate, scrutinize, or inspect:Don't forget to check on his work. We have to check up on him.
  11. check out: 
    • to vacate and pay for one's quarters at a hotel.
    • to verify or become verified;
      examine or investigate.
    • to fulfill requirements, as by passing a test:The engine checked out and we proceeded on our way.
    • to itemize, total the cost of, and collect payment for (a purchase):The supermarket cashier was exhausted from checking out groceries all day long.
    • to have the cost added up and pay for merchandise.
    • to borrow (an item) by having it listed as one's temporary responsibility:The adding machine was checked out in your name.
    • [Informal.]to depart quickly or abruptly;
      leave in a hurry.
    • [Slang.]to die.
  12. check over, to examine or investigate, esp. thoroughly.
  13. check the helm, [Naut.]to alter the helm of a turning vessel to keep the bow from swinging too far or too rapidly.

  1. Also,[Brit.,] cheque. [Banking.]a written order, usually on a standard printed form, directing a bank to pay money.
  2. a slip or ticket showing the amount owed, esp. a bill for food or beverages consumed.
  3. a ticket or token that when matched with a counterpart identifies an article left in the temporary custody of another, the purchaser of a ticket, a person who is to be served next, etc.
  4. a criterion, standard, or means to insure against error, fraud, etc.:This handmade sample is a check that the machine-made samples have to match.
  5. an inquiry, search, or examination:We made a quick check but found nothing missing.
  6. Also called  check mark. a mark, often indicated by (✓), as on a list, to indicate that something has been considered, acted upon, or approved.
  7. a person or thing that stops, limits, slows, or restrains:The increase of duty was an effective check on imports. He was a check on her enthusiasm.
  8. a sudden arrest or stoppage;
    rebuff:Taxation caused a check in the accumulation of vast fortunes.
  9. a control, test, or inspection that ascertains performance or prevents error:They ran a check on the dependability of the automobile.
  10. a pattern formed of squares, as on a checkerboard.
  11. one of the squares in such a pattern.
  12. a fabric having a check pattern.
  13. [Chess.]the exposure of the king to direct attack:The king was in check.
  14. [Ice Hockey.]any of several maneuvers designed to obstruct or impede the forward progress of an opponent. Cf. board check, body check, cross-check (def. 5), hook check, poke check, sweep check. 
  15. a counter used in card games, as the chip in poker.
  16. a small crack:There were several checks in the paint.
  17. an egg, designated for market, having a slightly cracked shell and an intact inner membrane.
  18. [Masonry.]a rabbet-shaped cutting on the edge of a stone, by which it is fitted to another stone.
  19. [Hunting.]
    • the losing of the scent by a dog or pack.
    • (in fox hunting) a period in a hunt, following the losing of the scent by the hounds, during which the field rests quietly while the hounds cast to regain the scent.
  20. in check, under restraint:He held his anger in check.

  1. serving to check, control, verify, etc.:a check system.
  2. ornamented with a checkered pattern;
    checkered:a check border.

  1. [Chess.](used as a call to warn one's opponent that his or her king is exposed to direct attack, having just one move in which to escape or parry.)
  2. [Informal.]all right! agreed!
checkless, adj. 
  • Persian: literally, king (an exclamation: i.e., look out, your king is threatened); see shah
  • Arabic shāh check (at chess)
  • Old French eschec (by aphesis), variant of eschac
  • Middle English chek, chekke (at chess) 1275–1325
    • 1.See corresponding entry in Unabridged See  stop. 
    • 2.See corresponding entry in Unabridged hinder, hamper, obstruct, curtail;
      chain, bridle, hobble.
      Check, curb, repress, restrain refer to putting a control on movement, progress, action, etc.
      Check implies arresting suddenly, halting or causing to halt:to check a movement toward reform.Curb implies the use of a means such as a chain, strap, frame, wall, etc., to guide or control or to force to stay within definite limits:to curb a horse.Repress, formerly meaning to suppress, now implies preventing the action or development that might naturally be expected:to repress evidence of excitement.Restrain implies the use of force to put under control, or chiefly, to hold back:to restrain a person from violent acts.
    • 6.See corresponding entry in Unabridged examine.
    • 16.See corresponding entry in Unabridged agree.
    • 30.See corresponding entry in Unabridged receipt, tab, counterfoil.
    • 31.See corresponding entry in Unabridged coupon, tag, stub.
    • 35.See corresponding entry in Unabridged obstacle, obstruction, hindrance, restriction, restraint, impediment, control, deterrent;
      bar, barrier;
      curb, bridle, bit, rein.
    • 1.See corresponding entry in Unabridged advance.

check2  (chek),USA pronunciation n. [South Midland and Southern U.S.]
  1. Dialect Terms, ChessOften,  checks. the game of checkers.
  2. Dialect Terms, Chessany of the playing pieces used in this game.
  • by shortening

Collins Concise English Dictionary © HarperCollins Publishers::

cheque, US check /tʃɛk/ n
  1. a bill of exchange drawn on a bank by the holder of a current account; payable into a bank account, if crossed, or on demand, if uncrossed
  2. Austral NZ the total sum of money received for contract work or a crop
  3. Austral NZ wages
Etymology: 18th Century: from check, in the sense: a means of verification


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