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chill /tʃɪl/USA pronunciation   n. 
  1. a piercing coldness:The chill of winter had penetrated the little cabin.
  2. a feeling or sensation of cold:I had chills and a fever.
  3. a sudden feeling of fear or alarm:A chill went down her spine when she heard the word "unemployment.''
  4. a depressing influence or feeling:His presence cast a chill over everyone.
  5. unfriendliness;
    coolness:I could feel a definite chill as I was introduced to the committee.

  1. moderately cold;
    chilly:a chill evening.
  2. Slang TermsSlang. cool (def. 8).

  1. to (cause to) become cold: [no object]Let the wine chill for a while.[+ object]The cold wind chilled me to the bone.
  2. Slang Terms chill out, [no object]to calm down;
chill•ness, n. [uncountable]

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chill  (chil),USA pronunciation n. 
  1. coldness, esp. a moderate but uncomfortably penetrating coldness:the chill of evening.
  2. a sensation of cold, usually with shivering:She felt a slight chill from the open window.
  3. a feeling of sudden fear, anxiety, or alarm.
  4. sudden coldness of the body, as during the cold stage of an ague:fevers and chills.
  5. a depressing influence or sensation:His presence cast a chill over everyone.
  6. lack of warmth of feeling;
  7. Metallurgy[Foundry.]an inserted object or a surface in a mold capable of absorbing large amounts of heat, used to harden the surface of a casting or to increase its rate of solidification at a specific point.
  8. Furniturebloom1 (def. 10).

  1. moderately cold;
    tending to cause shivering;
    chilly:a chill wind.
  2. shivering with or affected by cold;
  3. depressing or discouraging:chill prospects.
  4. Slang Termscool (def. 14).
  5. unduly formal;
    chilly:a chill reception.

  1. to become cold:The earth chills when the sun sets.
  2. to be seized with a chill;
    shiver with cold or fear.
  3. Metallurgy[Foundry.](of a casting) to become hard on the surface by contact with a chill or chills.

  1. to affect with cold;
    make chilly:The rain has chilled me to the bone.
  2. to make cool:Chill the wine before serving.
  3. to depress;
    deter:The news chilled his hopes.
  4. Metallurgy[Foundry.]to harden the surface of (a casting) by casting it in a mold having a chill or chills.
  5. bloom1 (def. 19).
  6. Slang Termsto kill;
  7. Slang Termschill out, to calm down;
chilling•ly, adv. 
chillness, n. 
  • bef. 900; Middle English chile, Old English ci(e)le, cele coolness; akin to gelid, cool, cold
    • 9.See corresponding entry in Unabridged See  cold. 
    • 13.See corresponding entry in Unabridged cold, aloof, hostile, stiff.

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chill /tʃɪl/ n
  1. a moderate coldness
  2. a sensation of coldness resulting from a cold or damp environment, or from a sudden emotional reaction
  3. a feverish cold
  4. a check on enthusiasm or joy
  1. another word for chilly
  1. to make or become cold
  2. (transitive) to cool or freeze (food, drinks, etc)
  3. (transitive) to depress (enthusiasm, etc)
  4. to discourage
  5. (intransitive) slang chiefly US to relax; calm oneself

See also chill outEtymology: Old English ciele; related to calan to cool, Latin gelidus icy

ˈchilling adj ˈchillingly adv ˈchillness n

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