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WordReference Random House Learner's Dictionary of American English © 2016
clean /klin/USA pronunciation   adj. and adv., -er, -est, v. 
    1. free from dirt;
      unstained:a clean dress.
    2. free from foreign or extra matter; pure:clean sound.
    3. free from pollution:clean air; clean energy.
    4. free from roughness or irregularity: a clean cut with a scalpel.
    5. gracefully beautiful;
      trim: the clean lines of a ship.
    6. morally pure;
      honorable: to lead a clean life.
    7. not cheating;
      showing good sportsmanship:a clean fighter.
    8. inoffensive in language or content:clean books.
    9. innocent of crime:He had a clean record.
    10. free from defects or flaws: a clean diamond.
    11. made without any difficulty; quickly and smoothly done: a clean getaway.
    12. smoothly and skillfully performed;
      adroit: a clean swing of the bat.
    13. [before a noun] complete;
      total: a clean break with tradition.
    14. empty;
      bare:a clean sheet of paper.

    1. in a clean manner;
      cleanly:ran up the stairs and got clean away.
    2. so as to be clean: This shirt will never wash clean.
    3. Informal TermsInformal. completely; quite: The bullet passed clean through the wall.

    1. to perform or undergo a process of cleaning: [no object]This new countertop cleans easily.[+ object]I cleaned the room.
    2. to dry-clean[+ object]Clean and press the pants.
    3. to remove the insides and other parts from (poultry, etc.) that cannot be eaten; dress[+ object]She cleaned the turkey.
    4. clean out,
        • to empty in order to straighten or clean: [+ out + object]I had to clean out my desk to find what I was looking for.[+ object + out]I cleaned it out before dinner.
        • to take all the money from (someone); steal or take everything from (a store, etc.): [+ object + out]They managed to clean him out at poker.[+ out + object]They cleaned out the gangster and his men with a perfect scam.
      clean up,
        • to wash or tidy up: [no object]Let me clean up and I'll be right in.[+ up + object]Please clean up your room.[+ object + up]Would you clean the room up?
        • to get rid of undesirable persons, features, mistakes, etc., in : [+ up + object]to clean up the errors in an essay.[+ object + up]Can you clean them up now?
        • to put an end to; finish: [+ up + object]to clean up yesterday's chores.[+ object + up]to clean them up.
        • [no object] to make a large profit or a lot of money:Buy now while the prices are low and later you'll really clean up.
    1. Idioms, Slang Termscome clean, [no object] Slang. to tell the truth, esp. to admit one's guilt:finally came clean and admitted she had been the one.

clean•ness,n. [uncountable]
clean is a verb and an adjective, cleanliness is a noun:We cleaned the house. Take a clean plate. Cleanliness is essential in a hospital.
WordReference Random House Unabridged Dictionary of American English © 2016
clean  (klēn), 
adj., -er, -est, adv., -er, -est, v. 
    1. free from dirt;
      unstained:She bathed and put on a clean dress.
    2. free from foreign or extraneous matter:clean sand.
    3. free from pollution; unadulterated;
      pure:clean air;
      clean water.
    4. habitually free of dirt:Cats are considered clean animals.
    5. characterized by a fresh, wholesome quality:the clean smell of pine.
    6. free from all writing or marking:a clean sheet of paper.
    7. having few or no corrections; easily readable:The publisher demanded clean proofs from the printer.
    8. free from roughness or irregularity:He made a clean cut with a razor.
    9. not ornate; gracefully spare;
      forceful and simple;
      streamlined:a clean literary style;
      the clean lines of a ship.
    10. complete;
      unqualified:a clean break with tradition.
    11. morally pure; innocent;
      honorable:to lead a clean life.
    12. showing good sportsmanship;
      fair:a clean fighter.
    13. inoffensive in language or content; without obscenity.
    14. (of a document, record, etc.) bearing no marks of discreditable or unlawful conduct;
      listing no offenses:a clean driver's license.
    15. [Slang.]
        • innocent of any crime.
        • not having a criminal record.
        • carrying or containing no evidence of unlawful activity or intent, as controlled substances, unlicensed weapons, or contraband:The agents searched the car for drugs, but it was clean.
        • not using narcotics.
    16. (of a nuclear weapon) producing little or no radioactive fallout.
    17. Physicsnot radioactive.
    18. (of a document or financial instrument) free from qualifications or restrictions:a clean bill of lading.
    19. free from defects or flaws:a clean diamond.
    20. free from encumbrances or obstructions.
    21. neatly or evenly made or proportioned; shapely;
      trim:a clean profile.
    22. made without any unanticipated difficulty or interference:The bank robbers made a clean getaway.
    23. Slang Terms[Chiefly Biblical.]having no physical or moral blemish or carrying no taboo so as to make impure according to the laws, esp. the dietary or ceremonial laws:a clean animal; clean persons.
    24. dexterously performed;
      adroit:a clean serve in tennis.
    25. (of a jump over an obstacle) made without touching the obstacle.
    26. Slang Terms[Slang.]having no direct associations, business interests, etc., that could prejudice one's official acts or decisions:The new governor is clean because he's sold his construction business and doesn't owe political favors to anyone.
    27. Slang Terms[Slang.]without money or funds.
    28. Wine(of wine) having a taste that is unusually refreshing and smooth.
    29. Nautical, Naval Terms[Naut.](of an anchorage, harbor, etc.) free of obstructions or hazards (opposed to foul).
    30. Veterinary Diseases(of the legs of a horse) free from injury or blemish, as capped hocks, splints, or scars.
    31. Banking, Business[Foreign Exchange.](of currency floats) not influenced by exchange-rate manipulation (opposed to dirty).

    1. in a clean manner; cleanly:Nobody wants to box with him because he doesn't fight clean.
    2. so as to be clean:This shirt will never wash clean.
    3. Informal Terms[Informal.]wholly; completely;
      quite:The sharp carving knife sliced clean through the roast. In a year, he had gone clean through his inheritance.
    4. clean full, [Naut.]
        • (of a sail or sails) filled with wind;
          rap full.
        • (of a sailing vessel) with all sails full of wind;
          rap full.
    5. come clean, [Slang.]to tell the truth, esp. to admit one's guilt.

    1. to make clean:Clean those dirty shoes.
    2. to remove or consume the contents of; empty;
      clear:She sat down to dinner ravenous and within five minutes had cleaned her plate.
    3. to dry-clean.
    4. to remove the entrails and other inedible parts from (poultry, fish, etc.);
    5. Slang Terms[Slang.]to take away or win all or almost all the money or possessions of (often fol. by out):The cards were marked and I got cleaned.
    6. Metallurgy[Metall.]to remove the seams from (a casting) by filing or grinding.
    7. Stamps[Philately.]to delete intentionally the cancellation from (a postage or revenue stamp).

    1. to perform or undergo a process of cleaning:This kind of fabric cleans easily. Detergents clean better than most soaps.
    2. to get rid of dirt, soil, etc. (often fol. by up):to spend the morning cleaning.
    3. Idiomsclean house, to wipe out corruption, inefficiency, etc., as in an organization:It's time for the city government to clean house.
    4. clean out: 
        • to empty in order to straighten or clean.
        • to use up; exhaust:He had cleaned out his savings.
        • [Informal.]to drive out by force.
        • to empty or rid (a place) of occupants, contents, etc.:Eager customers cleaned out the store on the first day of the sale. The thief cleaned out the safe.
        • [Slang.]to cause to lose all or almost all one's money or possessions.
      clean up: 
        • to wash or tidy up.
        • to rid of undesirable persons or features:They cleaned up the local bars.
        • to put an end to; finish:to clean up yesterday's chores.
        • [Informal.]to make a large profit:They cleaned up in the stock market.
    5. Idiomsclean up one's act. See act (def. 10).
    • Middle English clene, Old English clǣne pure, clear, cognate with Old High German kleini (German klein small) bef. 900
    cleanness, n. 
    1 . neat, immaculate. Clean, clear, pure refer to freedom from soiling, flaw, stain, or mixture. Clean refers esp. to freedom from soiling:a clean shirt.Clear refers particularly to freedom from flaw or blemish:a clear pane of glass.Pure refers esp. to freedom from mixture or stain:a pure metal; not diluted but pure and full strength. 7 . legible. 11 . unsullied, chaste, virtuous. 19 . unblemished, flawless. 34 . entirely, thoroughly. 37 . scour, scrub, sweep, brush, wipe, mop, dust, wash, rinse, lave, deterge, purify, clear;
    decontaminate. Clean, cleanse refer to removing dirt or impurities. To clean is the general word with no implication of method or means:to clean windows, a kitchen, streets.Cleanse is esp. used of thorough cleaning by chemical or other technical process; figuratively it applies to moral or spiritual purification:to cleanse parts of machinery;
    to cleanse one's soul of guilt.
    1 . dirty. 17 . contaminated, radioactive. 37 . soil.

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clean /kliːn/ adj
  1. without dirt or other impurities; unsoiled
  2. without anything in it or on it: a clean page
  3. recently washed; fresh
  4. without extraneous or foreign materials
  5. without defect, difficulties, or problems
  6. (of a nuclear weapon) producing little or no radioactive fallout or contamination
  7. (of a wound, etc) having no pus or other sign of infection
  8. pure; morally sound
  9. without objectionable language or obscenity
  10. thorough or complete: a clean break
  11. dexterous or adroit: a clean throw
  12. played fairly and without fouls
  13. simple in design: a ship's clean lines
  14. causing little turbulence; streamlined
  15. honourable or respectable
  16. habitually neat
  17. (esp of a driving licence) showing or having no record of offences
  18. slang innocent; not guilty
  19. not carrying illegal drugs, weapons, etc
  1. to make or become free of dirt, filth, etc: the stove cleans easily
  2. (transitive) to remove in making clean: to clean marks off the wall
  3. (transitive) to prepare (fish, poultry, etc) for cooking: to clean a chicken
  1. in a clean way; cleanly
  2. not standard (intensifier): clean forgotten, clean dead
  3. clean bowledbowled by a ball that breaks the wicket without hitting the batsman or his bat
  4. come cleaninformal to make a revelation or confession
  1. the act or an instance of cleaning: he gave his shoes a clean

See also clean out, clean upEtymology: Old English clǣne; related to Old Frisian klēne small, neat, Old High German kleini

ˈcleanable adj ˈcleanness n

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