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clean /klin/USA pronunciation adj. and adv., -er, -est,v. 
  1. free from dirt;
    unstained:a clean dress.
  2. free from foreign or extra matter; pure:clean sound.
  3. free from pollution:clean air; clean energy.
  4. free from roughness or irregularity: a clean cut with a scalpel.
  5. gracefully beautiful;
    trim: the clean lines of a ship.
  6. morally pure;
    honorable: to lead a clean life.
  7. not cheating;
    showing good sportsmanship:a clean fighter.
  8. inoffensive in language or content:clean books.
  9. innocent of crime:He had a clean record.
  10. free from defects or flaws: a clean diamond.
  11. made without any difficulty; quickly and smoothly done: a clean getaway.
  12. smoothly and skillfully performed;
    adroit: a clean swing of the bat.
  13. [before a noun] complete;
    total: a clean break with tradition.
  14. empty;
    bare:a clean sheet of paper.

  • in a clean manner;
    cleanly:ran up the stairs and got clean away.
  • so as to be clean: This shirt will never wash clean.
  • Informal TermsInformal. completely; quite: The bullet passed clean through the wall.

  • v. 
  • to perform or undergo a process of cleaning: [no object]This new countertop cleans easily.[+ object]I cleaned the room.
  • [+ object] to dry-clean:Clean and press the pants.
  • [+ object] to remove the insides and other parts from (poultry, etc.) that cannot be eaten; dress:She cleaned the turkey.
  • clean out,
    • to empty in order to straighten or clean: [+ out + object]I had to clean out my desk to find what I was looking for.[+ object + out]I cleaned it out before dinner.
    • to take all the money from (someone); steal or take everything from (a store, etc.): [+ object + out]They managed to clean him out at poker.[+ out + object]They cleaned out the gangster and his men with a perfect scam.
    clean up,
    • to wash or tidy up: [no object]Let me clean up and I'll be right in.[+ up + object]Please clean up your room.[+ object + up]Would you clean the room up?
    • to get rid of undesirable persons, features, mistakes, etc., in : [+ up + object]to clean up the errors in an essay.[+ object + up]Can you clean them up now?
    • to put an end to; finish: [+ up + object]to clean up yesterday's chores.[+ object + up]to clean them up.
    • [no object] to make a large profit or a lot of money:Buy now while the prices are low and later you'll really clean up.
    1. Idioms, Slang Termscome clean, [no object] Slang. to tell the truth, esp. to admit one's guilt:finally came clean and admitted she had been the one.

    clean•ness,n. [uncountable]
    clean is a verb and an adjective, cleanliness is a noun:We cleaned the house. Take a clean plate. Cleanliness is essential in a hospital.

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    clean /kliːn/ adj
    1. without dirt or other impurities; unsoiled
    2. without anything in it or on it: a clean page
    3. recently washed; fresh
    4. without extraneous or foreign materials
    5. without defect, difficulties, or problems
    6. (of a nuclear weapon) producing little or no radioactive fallout or contamination
    7. (of a wound, etc) having no pus or other sign of infection
    8. pure; morally sound
    9. without objectionable language or obscenity
    10. thorough or complete: a clean break
    11. dexterous or adroit: a clean throw
    12. played fairly and without fouls
    13. simple in design: a ship's clean lines
    14. causing little turbulence; streamlined
    15. honourable or respectable
    16. habitually neat
    17. (esp of a driving licence) showing or having no record of offences
    18. slang innocent; not guilty
    19. not carrying illegal drugs, weapons, etc
    1. to make or become free of dirt, filth, etc: the stove cleans easily
    2. (transitive) to remove in making clean: to clean marks off the wall
    3. (transitive) to prepare (fish, poultry, etc) for cooking: to clean a chicken
    1. in a clean way; cleanly
    2. not standard (intensifier): clean forgotten, clean dead
    3. clean bowledbowled by a ball that breaks the wicket without hitting the batsman or his bat
    4. come cleaninformal to make a revelation or confession
    1. the act or an instance of cleaning: he gave his shoes a clean

    See also clean out, clean upEtymology: Old English clǣne; related to Old Frisian klēne small, neat, Old High German kleini

    ˈcleanable adj ˈcleanness n

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