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clear /klɪə/ adj
  1. free from darkness or obscurity; bright
  2. (of weather) free from dullness or clouds
  3. transparent
  4. even and pure in tone or colour
  5. without discoloration, blemish, or defect: a clear skin
  6. easy to see or hear; distinct
  7. free from doubt or confusion
  8. (postpositive) certain in the mind; sure: are you clear?
  9. (in combination) perceptive, alert: clear-headed
  10. evident or obvious: it is clear that he won't come now
  11. (of sounds or the voice) not harsh or hoarse
  12. serene; calm
  13. without qualification or limitation; complete: a clear victory
  14. free of suspicion, guilt, or blame: a clear conscience
  15. free of obstruction; open: a clear passage
  16. free from debt or obligation
  17. (of money, profits, etc) without deduction; net
  18. emptied of freight or cargo
  19. (of a round) ridden without any fences being knocked down or any points being lost
  1. in a clear or distinct manner
  2. completely or utterly
  3. (postpositive) often followed by of: not in contact (with); free: stand clear of the gates
  1. a clear space
  2. in the clearfree of suspicion, guilt, or blame
  3. able to receive a pass without being tackled
  1. to make or become free from darkness, obscurity, etc
  2. (intransitive) (of the weather) to become free from dullness, fog, rain, etc
  3. (of mist, fog, etc) to disappear
  4. (transitive) to free from impurity or blemish
  5. (transitive) to free from doubt or confusion
  6. (transitive) to rid of objects, obstructions, etc
  7. (transitive) to make or form (a path, way, etc) by removing obstructions
  8. (transitive) to free or remove (a person or thing) from something, such as suspicion, blame, or guilt
  9. (transitive) to move or pass by or over without contact or involvement: he cleared the wall easily
  10. (transitive) to rid (the throat) of phlegm or obstruction
  11. (transitive) to make or gain (money) as profit
  12. (transitive) often followed by off: to discharge or settle (a debt)
  13. (transitive) to free (a debtor) from obligation
  14. (intransitive) (of a cheque) to pass through one's bank and be charged against one's account
  15. to settle accounts by exchanging (commercial documents) in a clearing house
  16. to permit (ships, aircraft, cargo, passengers, etc) to unload, disembark, depart, etc, after fulfilling the customs and other requirements, or (of ships, etc) to be permitted to unload, etc
  17. to obtain or give (clearance)
  18. (transitive) to obtain clearance from
  19. (transitive) to decode (a message, etc)
  20. (transitive) to remove data from a storage device and replace it with particular characters that usually indicate zero

See also clear away, clear offEtymology: 13th Century clere, from Old French cler, from Latin clārus clear, bright, brilliant, illustrious

ˈclearer n ˈclearness n

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