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clink•er1 /ˈklɪŋkɚ/USA pronunciation n. [uncountable]

    Mininga mass of matter that cannot be burnt and is fused together, as by the burning of coal.

clink•er3 /ˈklɪŋkɚ/USA pronunciation n. [countable] Slang.
  1. Slang Termsa wrong note in a musical performance.
  2. Slang Termsany mistake or error.
  3. Slang Termsa failure;
    a product of inferior quality:The car turned out to be a clinker.

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clinker /ˈklɪŋkə/ n
  1. the ash and partially fused residues from a coal-fired furnace or fire
  2. a partially vitrified brick or mass of brick
  3. slang chiefly US something of poor quality, such as a film
  1. (intransitive) to form clinker during burning
Etymology: 17th Century: from Dutch klinker a type of brick, from obsolete klinckaerd, literally: something that clinks (referring to the sound produced when one was struck), from klinken to clink1

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