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coif2 /kwɑf/USA pronunciation   n., v. 
  1. Clothing coiffure.

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coif1  (koif ),USA pronunciation n. 
  1. Clothinga hood-shaped cap, usually of white cloth and with extended sides, worn beneath a veil, as by nuns.
  2. Clothingany of various hoodlike caps, varying through the centuries in shape and purpose, worn by men and women.
  3. a cap similar to a skullcap, formerly worn by sergeants at law.
  4. Heraldry[Armor.]a covering for the head and neck, made of leather, padded cloth, or mail.
  5. British Termsthe rank or position of a sergeant at law.

  1. Clothingto cover or dress with or as with a coif.
  • WGmc *kuf(f )ja
  • Late Latin cofia, cofea headdress, sort of cap
  • Anglo-French coife, Old French coiffe
  • Middle English coyf(e) 1250–1300

coif2  (kwäf, koif ),USA pronunciation n., v.t. 
  1. Clothingcoiffure (defs. 1, 3).
Also  coiffe. 
  • French coiffer, its base
  • probably back formation from coiffure, or

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coif /kɔɪf/ n
  1. a close-fitting cap worn under a veil, worn in the Middle Ages by many women but now only by nuns
  2. any similar cap, such as a leather cap worn under a chain-mail hood
  3. /kwɑːf/
    a less common word for coiffure
vb (coifs, coiffing, coiffed)(transitive)
  1. to cover with or as if with a coif
  2. /kwɑːf/ to arrange (the hair)
Etymology: 14th Century: from Old French coiffe, from Late Latin cofea helmet, cap, of obscure origin

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