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common thief

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WordReference Random House Learner's Dictionary of American English © 2015
com•mon /ˈkɑmən/USA pronunciation adj., -er, -est,n. 
  1. belonging equally to, or shared alike by: We all have a common objective, to stop the mayor's reelection.
  2. relating to or belonging to an entire community, nation, or culture: They had a common language, English.
  3. [before a noun] widespread;
    universal: There was common understanding that he would be promoted.
  4. of frequent occurrence;
    familiar: It was a common error.
  5. of mediocre quality:a rough, common fabric.
  6. having or showing bad manners; socially unacceptable:common manners.
  7. [before a noun] lacking rank, station, etc.;
    not special:a common soldier; common table salt.
  8. [before a noun] in keeping with accepted standards;
    fundamental:common decency.

n. [countable]
  • Dialect TermsOften, commons. [plural] a piece of land owned or used by the people living in a community, as a park.
  • commons, [plural]
    • the common people.
    1. Idiomsin common, [uncountable] in joint possession or use; shared equally:We have much in common with people from other cultures.

    com•mon•ly,adv.: It's commonly understood that people say thank you when they receive a gift.
    com•mon•ness,n. [uncountable]

    Collins Concise English Dictionary © HarperCollins Publishers::

    common /ˈkɒmən/ adj
    1. belonging to or shared by two or more people: common property
    2. belonging to or shared by members of one or more nations or communities; public: a common culture
    3. of ordinary standard; average
    4. prevailing; widespread: common opinion
    5. widely known or frequently encountered; ordinary: a common brand of soap
    6. widely known and notorious: a common nuisance
    7. derogatory considered by the speaker to be low-class, vulgar, or coarse
    8. (prenominal) having no special distinction, rank, or status: the common man
    9. having a specified relationship with a group of numbers or quantities: common denominator
    10. (of a tangent) tangential to two or more circles
    11. (in certain languages) denoting or belonging to a gender of nouns, esp one that includes both masculine and feminine referents
    12. common or gardeninformal ordinary; unexceptional
    1. (sometimes plural) a tract of open public land, esp one now used as a recreation area
    2. the right to go onto someone else's property and remove natural products, as by pasturing cattle or fishing (esp in the phrase right of common)
    3. a form of the proper of the Mass used on festivals that have no special proper of their own
    4. the ordinary of the Mass
    5. in commonmutually held or used with another or others

    See also commonsEtymology: 13th Century: from Old French commun, from Latin commūnis general, universal

    ˈcommonness n

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