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com•mu•nize  (komyə nīz′), 
v.t., -nized, -niz•ing. 
  1. Government(often cap.) to impose Communist principles or systems of government on (a country or people).
  2. Governmentto make communistic.
  3. Governmentto make (something, as land or a house) the property of the community;
    to transfer from individual to community ownership.
Also,[esp. Brit.,]commu•nise′. 
  • back formation from communization, equivalent. to Latin commūn(is) common + -ization 1885–90
com′mu•ni•zation, n. 

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communize, communise /ˈkɒmjʊˌnaɪz/ vb (tr; sometimes capital)
  1. to make (property) public; nationalize
  2. to make (a person or country) communist

ˌcommuniˈzation, ˌcommuniˈsation n

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